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Thread: youtube ww2 tank comedy

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    Default youtube ww2 tank comedy

    if you feel like a laugh and a drink check this out <--here-->

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    Thank you for the link to the video, Esa.

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    Very interesting. I read a story that in the Bocage a column of Shermans was going down a road and a Panther pulled out and fired. The Panther was so close that the round went through the first and second Sherman's and stopped in the engine of the third. So with one round he took out three Shermans.

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    hence the nickname "tommy cooker" Ernst barkman took on a sherman column but at that time i guess most tankers in germany were facing those odds

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    what if it was an 8,8

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    Fury is a very good film apart from the ending. This was a period when every German Infantry Battalion was heavily supplied with Infantry man carried anti - tank weapons, panzerfaust & panzerschreck yet nobody on the German side seems to have any!
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    my point exactly coudnt have said it better

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    Seems to be more a critique about movies... most of what he said debunking the Sherman is incorrect from what I've read from the veterans perspective.
    Perhaps he should've watched this first and listened to the men that were there dealing with the Sherman.
    The composite footage at the end is not pleasant to watch
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