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Thread: New to the hobby and could use tips.

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    Default New to the hobby and could use tips.

    I just started playing WoG WWI. I have the accessory pack, 4 fighters, and 2 two-seaters. Looking to download the available scenarios from ares games website.
    Any useful hints and tips for beginners would be much appreciated. I play either with my group of heavy euro/18xx gamers, or my 8 year old son.

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    Hello and welcome to the drome. There are scenarios in the files section here too. If you have questions do a search or just ask away. Someone will help you. Very knowledgeable and helpful folk here..

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    Welcome from just south of you in Portland, Oregon.
    As Gary said, there are scenarios and other useful information and player aids in the files sections.
    Check out the sub-forums under WGF (Wings of Glory First World War) and you can see AARs (After Action Reports) and our Over the Trenches campaigns for ideas.
    You have found a great game and a terrific site, Mike

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    Welcome to the 'drome, Mike. I'm a bit Northwest of you on Vancouver Island.

    It might be too late to sign up for this convention, but consider it for next year: NHMGS - Enfilade 2019
    Check the Nortwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society's Events Calendar for other opportunities in the Northwest here: NHMGS - Events

    For scenarios, it depends on what you have, and what you want to do. When I started into this game, I had difficulty sorting out what I wanted to collect, and where the different planes available fit into the bigger WWI picture.

    I came up with this: General Overview of WWI Miniatures - Timeline and Theaters 2017

    Not exactly a scenario builder, but something that let me place planes against each other accurately.

    For something less rigid, but useful for one-off games, you might download and print this: Random Placement Diagram

    Another source for good scenarios is any of the campaigns run on the Forum, like the Over the Trenches series. Look through the mission files, pick one you have planes for, and try it out. Found here: Over the Trenches Campaign

    Enjoy, and if you have questions, ask. We'll help as best we can.
    "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss" Douglas Adams
    "Wings of Glory won't skin your elbows and knees while practicing." OldGuy59

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    Hi Mike, welcome from England.
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    G'day Mike & welcome to the 'drome on behalf of the pilots who fly in NSW down in Australia.
    As already said lots of different scenarios available in the Files section plus the "sticky" in the Over the Trenches section in Campaigns down in the WW1 part of the Forum.
    If you have any particular queries just post in the WW1 General section.

    Good Luck & Happy Gaming.

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
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    welcome to the drome from the land of buckeyes Mike!!! my best advice; get every mini you can get your grubby paws on!!!!

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    And a warm welcome from sunny Devon in the West Country of England Mike I think others have already said this, but have a good browse through the files here on the Drome then ask any questions you want to. Someone here will have the answers

    Enjoy and watch your six, especially with your 8 year old son - he'll prove a tough cookie to beat if others of his age group I've battled with are anything to go by

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    On behalf of the Squadrons based here in Dear old Blighty welcome to the Drome Mike.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Welcome to the 'Drome, Mike!

    My training regimen for a pair of beginners:
    Try a simple dogfight for starters;
    Then try flying a two-seater straight down the table, playing only random straight/sideslip/turn cards, and try to corner and bag him (in company with your son), 2 vs 1
    Then a 2 vs 2 dogfight;

    Then, anything you want!

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    Glad you are here, Mike! Sounds like you have a good start, but as some above have said, your collection of planes is bound to grow... And the suggestions above about scenarios and games is spot-on, too. Hope you have as much fun here on the forum as I have had these past 4+ years.

    All the best,

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    Welcome to the 'Drome!

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    Thanks for the tips guys! I'll have a look at the files for sure, and try my best not to buy all of the planes. Maybe it's a good thing most of the planes I want are currently unavailable...

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    Welcome to the 'Drome' Mike from over the pond in the good old UK.
    The best tip I can give you is, always watch your six!
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    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Mike, from over here in the United Kingdom.

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    Welcome Mike and greetings from SE Michigan.

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Mike.

    My tip for anyone just starting out is play with the basic rules until everyone understands them. I would also just fly one plane each and fly dogfights only. After that, then add in the standard rules followed by the advanced rules.
    Once you have all that the sky is the limit.
    Have fun and any questions just ask on the drome, someone will answer them.

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    Welcome to the 'drome!

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome Mike. Make sure to look at the OTT campaign scenarios. Lots of great ideas in there.

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    Just checked out the OTT campaign scenarios and they look awesome. Any reason why there is only mission 3 and 12 on there? Or am I reading it wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikewill View Post
    Just checked out the OTT campaign scenarios and they look awesome. Any reason why there is only mission 3 and 12 on there? Or am I reading it wrong?
    Did you look here: Links To All Previous OTT Campaign & Rule Threads
    "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss" Douglas Adams
    "Wings of Glory won't skin your elbows and knees while practicing." OldGuy59

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    Lightbulb Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by OldGuy59 View Post
    That was super helpful. Still learning how to navigate the drome. I just snagged a 15 mission campaign that looks pretty awesome. Will have to dig into it soon.

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    Hello Mike, welcome to the group!!!

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