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    Since I’ve been selling off bits & pieces of my collection and folks have been PMing about my pricing, I thought it was time to restructure this post showing my prices and shipping charges. Plus I deleted those that are no longer in my collection.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Bundling: I’m willing to make deals if purchasing more than one item. So, yes all prices are negotiable.

    Shipping: I use USPS Priority mailers for two reasons: 1) Tracking purposes, 2) Insurance for you & me. Priority mailers (boxes) range from $8 to $20 for US. If going overseas, will cost over US $50. Once we settle on a price & I have your shipping address, I can give you an accurate shipping & handling charges.

    • KR Cases & foam storage pieces - SOLD
    o One aluminum and one cardboard case
    o Enough foam storage pieces to hold the 47 minis plus additional unused/un-punched pieces to hold 24/32 more minis
    o Four foam cutouts to hold tokens, aircraft game mats, laser cut acrylic game accessories, rulers, etc.

    What remains of my collection:

    Boxed Game Sets:

    Deleted - Famous Aces WW01 (USED) SOLD:
    o Top Fighters Booster Pack Maneuver Deck L & M with corresponding aircraft cards WW04
    o Dog Fighter Booster Pack Maneuver Deck N & O with corresponding aircraft cards WW11

    Deleted - Watch Your Back WW02 (USED) SOLD:
    o Hit & Run Booster Pack Maneuver Deck B & Q with corresponding aircraft cards WW14

    Deleted - Burning Drachens WW03 (USED) SOLD

    Deleted - Flight o the Giants WW20 (NEW – Un-punched) SOLD

    Deleted - WW1 Rules and Accessories Pack WGF002A (USED) SOLD

    Play Mats: $30 each
    • Countryside 502A
    • City 502B

    Wings of War Aircraft

    Single Seaters: $10 each
    Deleted - Fokker DR.I (Kempf) WOW110-B SOLD
    • Nieuport 17 (Nungesser) WW13b (okay if interested in this mini PM me)

    Two-Seaters: $15 each
    • LFG Roland C.II (Seibert & Pfleger) WW08H
    • RAF R.E.8 (Aviation Militaire) Belgium WW13L
    • Ufag C.1 (Luftfahrtruppen 2) Austria WW13I

    Wings of Glory Aircraft

    Duel Pack:
    Deleted - Richthofen's Fokker Dr.I and Brown's Sopwith Camel WGF001A SOLD
    Deleted - Albatraos D.VA vs Spad XIII WGF001B SOLD

    Single Pack: $15 each
    • Spad XIII (Rickebbaker) WGF101A
    • Sopwith Camel (Barker) WGF102A
    • Sopwith Camel (Stackard) WGF102C
    Deleted - Albatros D.VA (Udet) WGF103A SOLD
    Deleted - Halberstadt D.III (Camo) WGF106A SOLD
    Deleted - Haberstadt D.III (Lufstsreitkrafte) WGF106C SOLD

    • Morane-Saulnier Type N (Chaput) WGF107C
    • Hanroit HD1 (Scaroni) WGF109C
    • Sopwith Snipe (Barker) WGF116A

    Two-Seaters: $10 each
    Deleted - AIRCO Dh.4 50th Squadron AEF WGF204A SOLD

    Bombers: $40
    • Caproni CA.3 Aviation Militaire Escadrille CEP115 WGF301B
    Deleted - Gotha G.V (Von Korff) WGF302B SOLD

    WWII Series

    Planes: $15 each
    Deleted - Supermarine Spitfire MK.II (Falkowski) WW17C SOLD
    Deleted - Reggiane RE.2001 CN Falco II (Cerretani) WGS104B SOLD
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    Hi Andy sent pm

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    Well, the Customs are gone to a new aerodrome in Wisconsin to Group Commander Scott.

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    First procurement order arrived today to resounding cheers and joyful celebration. Thank you very much Andy!

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    You're welcomed and glad the shipment arrived in good order...enjoy!

    Quote Originally Posted by abovetheclouds View Post
    First procurement order arrived today to resounding cheers and joyful celebration. Thank you very much Andy!

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    My second order was delivered yesterday. The huge box of glorious goodies arrived safely. It took a while to joyously unpack it all. Everything will add to my increasing enjoyment of this great game. Thank you, Andy. Much appreciation for everything.

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    Paul, it was a pleasure working with you and I'm glad the Beast found a good home to come to roost in...

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    Slow process, but slowly whittling things down...

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    I do bundle on multiple buys...

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