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    Looking at the red 'Running Tripod' manoeuvre card in the downloadable 'print it yourself card sample set' and in the downloaded rules, has anyone else noticed that the red 'running' arrow is no longer than the standard blue arrow on the 'straight' manoeuvre cards, yet there is an energy penalty on the red 'running card'. Thus, the only advantage to be gained by running is to allow the tripod to make three straight moves because there are only two normal straight move cards.

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    Well that is faster in turn then.
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    Had seen that David but not read up on the rules (for fear of forgetting them before the game got here !)
    You have to play a run or a stationary each turn so a 'run' allows you to push on at the cost of energy I suppose, rather than stopping. I'm sure it will make sense when we get going proper.

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