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Thread: Dive-Bombing Scenario Feedback

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    Default Dive-Bombing Scenario Feedback

    Hello! I've just uploaded my first scenario to the website, which you can download from here:

    The idea is that it's a single-player dive-bombing scenario with a moving target, designed to improve one's dive-bombing abilities. You could use this with anything capable of bombing really, or anything that can strafe.

    Please, when you have the opportunity, play through it and let me know what you liked and didn't like about it! Tell me what other info I should include if I need to, and even possibly an AAR describing your playthrough so I get a rough understanding of how different players tackle the objective (including level bombing and strafing playthroughs).

    Creating this scenario has given me some ideas for a basic armour/convoy ruleset, but I don't want to rush ahead of myself. I want to make sure that my scenario-making skills are up to scratch before I get too carried away.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Target (Tank) is to fast. Airplanspeed ca. 300 km/h , Tankspeed ca. 30 km/ -> Moverelation 10 : 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by BodeGier View Post
    The Target (Tank) is to fast. Airplanspeed ca. 300 km/h , Tankspeed ca. 30 km/ -> Moverelation 10 : 1
    Hadn't thought about that - I'll do some tweaking and iron out a realistic movement system for a 2.0.

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    Looking at a range of WW2 tanks, at full speed your looking at 8-12mm per phase. Probably half to 2/3rds that cross-country.
    Otherwise, an interesting looking scenario
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