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Thread: WWII Scenarios?

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    Default WWII Scenarios?

    Call me stupid, but where on the forums would I go to find custom/official WWII scenarios for Wings of Glory? I've picked up my old Battle of Britain set from the shelf and had a blast flying two Bf 109's against the radar station by myself, and was thinking of either making some of my own scenarios or playing some that have been posted here.

    Where would I go to see them? Does there not exist a dedicated area yet? (If not, there definitely should be).

    I hope this is the right place to ask!

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    You can try in the WW2 files Aiden

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    Here's a starter for 10. Part of the Fire in the Skies Campaign I started a few years ago.

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    Thanks a lot, you guys! I've downloaded some of the ore promising scenarios and I'll be sure to try them out when I get the chance.

    But for argument's sake, if I were to create a new scenario and upload it to the file system and wanted criticism/feedback, where would I post that?

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