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Thread: Wings and Waves of Glory v2 by David Manley

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    Default Wings and Waves of Glory v2 by David Manley

    Has anyone used the above rules? It hasn't received many downloads from the files.

    I want to extend these rules to include the USN's 110 foot sub chaser. I think the maneuver cards and ideas for the RN 80 foot motor launch will apply except for the special damage rule for 'wounded pilot."

    "Crew hit - the gun closest to the shooter is killed. A second crew hit kills the remaining gun position. Third and subsequent hits are ignored unless the coxswain has moved to take over a gun."

    David's rules are for 55 foot coastal motor boats (crew 3-5) and 80 foot motor launches (crew 6-8). A USN sub chaser had a crew of 26. I'm not sure how crew hits should be handled. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I'd have a set of gunner chits for each mount. One chit applied to each mount, one or two "spares" representing other hands. If a gun hit is scored then a gun loses its crew. One of the spare crew units can move to replace casualties - takes one turn to complete.

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