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    OK this might be strange but I wonder when you order something how is it packaged when you get it? Over the past few days I received some items, Osprey books, I ordered from Amazon. The first, 1 book, was in a bubble wrap envelope that was twice the size of the book and could have had 6 books in it. Today I received 2 different books. 1 was in a bubble wrap envelope but not as big as the other one and the second was in a box that could have held 20 books. When I order from Shapeways, not that often, it comes in a box that could hold many models.
    The only ones I order from that seem to make sense are AIM, a small box, and MISCMINI, in an envelope.
    I just wonder how cost would be reduced it they payed more attention in how they boxed their product.

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    UPS and Fedex charge “Dimensional Weight” surcharges to discourage oversized boxes.
    USPS will likely follow at some point.
    Amazon does their own thing ...

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    I received two books from Amazon today. They came together in a cardboard mailer just large enough for the two books. I usually order several models at once from Shapeways and the box is larger than the order, but they do use bubble wrap to cushion the models. I do like that.
    So how many books are in your personal library?

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    When I get my package I just wonder why they package the way they do. Seems cost more for them for the box they use rather then the postage. I am sending some Osprey books to a friend and cut the envelope in half and still have room for more then the 3 books I am sending.

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    Books from Amazon & the Book Depository use sensible packaging just the right size & Amazon does have a single or double DVD package.
    Been quite a while since I got anything from Shapeways so cannot comment.

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    Have you tried putting some comments in your Amazon feedback report, Bob?

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    it's not a problem just seems overkill for the way they ship some things. I didn't mean this as a complaint but just wondered how folks here get their stuff that they order.

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    Packaging is a problem. Seeing the T&T photos I wonder why there has to be a plastic window and more plastic for our tripods and planes individual boxes. Do we have to see the actual model through a window or would a picture on the box do? I would bet it is all about cost. Companies have to stop using plastic as much as possible in the future.

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    My favorite is when I buy a second small item as part of an Amazon order to meet the free shipping threshold and then receive the items in separate packages.

    It also drives me nuts when a game is boxed in a container that is too big for the contents. I understand that game companies do this so the box will have more game store shelf presence but it is not good for my limited shelf space.

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