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Thread: The Super-Carrier than never was - H.M.S. Habbakuk

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    Default The Super-Carrier than never was - H.M.S. Habbakuk

    Here is a Youtube video about an idea for a super-carrier that sounded totally crazy but may have worked.

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    I've read about this several times, and it still doesn't seem a good use of resources. In something this radical, problems always crop up, and I would question the seaworthiness of such an ice island.
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    they actually built (froze) a prototype on a lake somewhere in canada. reportedly, it worked fairly well. it wasnt followed up upon due to advances in aircraft ranges and the end of anxiety of loosing airbases in england.

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    There is a picture of the prototype in the Youtube video, Phillip.

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    I am not sure, this subject sort of leaves me cold.

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    in ww2 not sure if i would even wnt to be on a boat

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