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Thread: Im in search for Bf 110 (Schupp) and 2 x SBD -5

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    Default Im in search for Bf 110 (Schupp) and 2 x SBD -5

    Im in search for Bf 110 (Schupp) and 2 x SBD -5, new or used. Preffered location Europe,but i will listen for worldwide offers. Also im looking for 1 x P40 (not priority), You can give me offers, Thanks (:
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    I have 2 sbd but no p40 try here and here it does say backorder but if you click it it will go into your cart and will be shipped normaly (I did this with 3 p-51's and they were fine) however not sure of international shipping as I am local

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    thank you, I found (:

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    do you still need the sbd's

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    Thank you , i found SBDs + Bf 110

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