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    Default Altitude House Rules

    Vladimir and I designed this set of altitude rules. Basic idea was to give planes more freedom in altitude change. We used ideas from other topic to restrict reversals. And RAW gives reversal as only fine altitude tuning tool. Also, we wanted to avoid printing of new maneuver cards.

    So, here are the rules. Any opinion will be welcome.

    Make 4 altitude chits, marked Climb (1), Mini-dive (1), No Altitude Change (2).
    Use in the same way as speed markers, but with different consequences, according to further instructions.
    Restrictions: Use with two-speed-band Turn cards (NOT with Side slips). In addition, use with Streight card (Mini-dive only). Do not use with steep maneuver or immelmann.
    Effect: Climb chit and Mini-dive chit turn planned card into altitude card (steep maneuver). All restrictions for planning altitude cards remain active, as per Rulebook.
    Climb chit gives 1 climb marker and automatically changes speed to Low. Use white speed band.
    Mini-dive chit loses 1 climb marker and automatically changes speed to High. Use blue speed band.
    No Altitude Change chit keeps the altitude unchanged. Use speed band according to speed marker revealed.

    Alternativelly, use normal altitude cards instead of chits. Climb Card replaces Climb chit, Dive Card replaces Mini-dive chit. No need for No Change chits. Plan altitude cards together with non-resticted maneuvers - put "regular" card on top of altitude card - and apply effects as explained above after revealing maneuver.

    Reversals (Immelmann/Split-S)
    No shooting after 2nd and 3rd cards of reversal sequence. During sustained reversals (second or subsequent), no shooting after card preceding the Immelman card itself, as it's last card of preceding reversal also. In addition, when shot at during playing the Imellmann Card itself, take extra A damage.

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    To add:

    We played those altered altitude rules in three missions in Prague.
    All fighters had Climb Rate 2, and all bombers Climb Rate 4.
    And when airplane with better official Climb rate was shooting at the oponent at short range, it was claiming +A chit bonus (if both on same altitude and both with pegs or both with no pegs).

    It seemed well.

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