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    Default RNAS 9 Camels

    If you pay attention to the AARs around here you may have already seen these, and old-timers will recognize this decal set from a little while back...

    I bought the decals when they were printed to support the cause, and had been holding onto a set of Stackard Camels waiting for a rumored re-issue with a new scheme, but I finally decided that was never going to happen and I shouldn't let all these nice planes go to waste. Since it's from a set, these planes have been posted by plenty of other modders before, but I think that owing to the time passed between the release of the decals and the Stackard mini this set (the triangle and diamond, anyway) may have the distinction of being the only set of minis repainted from the Ares Stackard model; the Stackard itself only receiving trivial upgrades to the tail and engine to keep it in line with the reskins. So I didn't bother with any more pictures of those.

    The Wood Camel though (the X), I just couldn't accept as red-decorated, so I used the template as a starting point to repaint in a blue and grey more closely matching the rest of the squadron. I spent days getting a custom decal just perfect, only to have all the colors run the moment I got it on the plane. So I ended up pretty much hand painting over the entire decal anyway. So now I have a laser printer...

    I didn't realize how out of focus this one was until they were all cropped and uploaded... sorry.

    And yeah, I didn't try to fix the Serial Numbers; if they were included in the sheet, they were too difficult for me to find.

    Models: Ares Stackard Camels
    Decals: Aerodrome Accessories (or whatever sales method Keith used at the time)

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    Very nice to see them again, I like your version Indeed! Too bad there were so few decorated Camels.

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    Those Camels are just Superb!

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    Lovely job on those Camels, Todd Like Clipper, I think the Camel is a great 'canvas' for paint schemes and wish there were more - it seems the RNAS did get away with some 'wild' decorating for a time...

    Sorry I missed the decals on the Aerodrome store - must have been before my time. They certainly are eye-catching minis.

    All the best,

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    Very nice Naval 9 Camels, Todd!

    I joined up too late to get the decal sheet, but was lucky enough to buy all 4 planes, ready-decalled, from Keith via the AA store.

    I now have a fifth plane card, and a sixth scheme downloaded to my laptop, plus a couple of "spare" Stackards; I hope to find the time to add them to my four.

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    If only we had more RNAS aircraft like those of Naval 9.
    Super work Todd.
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    Those are awesome! Is everything a decal? Or did you free hand the chevrons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BwanaJoe View Post
    Those are awesome! Is everything a decal? Or did you free hand the chevrons?
    Everything is stock Stackard except the personal fuselage and top-of-wing designs, and the names by the cockpit, and all of that stuff came from an old decal set that Keith sold years ago. I'd actually highly recommend the decals if they were still available; even after the better part of a decade they went on pretty smooth, flexible but sturdy.

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    Outstanding work there.

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    Yea! A bit of colour makes a nice change from that well known song !Ten green Camels." Todd.

    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Sweet set of Camels! I missed out on these decals too. Hmm, maybe Kevin will make a set. (hint hint!)

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