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Thread: Clipper, Found your Golden Age Racers

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    Default Clipper, Found your Golden Age Racers

    Fellow on Shapeways makes quite a few.

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    Very cool, indeed, and in 1/144 scale! And he has all sorts of other cool stuff, too - nice selection of 1/100(15mm) armor for potential FoW/TANKS players, among other things.

    Thanks for finding this site, Phil - I wonder if it is already on the list of Shapeways producers on the Hobby threads?

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt56 View Post
    I wonder if it is already on the list of Shapeways producers on the Hobby threads?
    Yes, it's the #11 post in the list.

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    A prolific range of models - interesting - thanks for the heads up

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    Thanks, Daryl - I figured it might addition to the racing planes, he does a nice little bunch of early-ish WWI stuff in 1/144.

    All the best,

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    I have some early undercart FE2b models and some Pfalz D.IIIas. Just a heads up - his 1/144 WW1 planes don't include propellers - you'll need to use spares, or prop discs.

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    Still looking for a fun, easy set of rules for air racing, my Red Bull racers and DC-3's are still boxed and waiting . . .

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    I need to check into these forums more often. That's an incredible resource. It would be cool to see an actual game or set of rules to race those sweet 30s racers. Thank you for the link.

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