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Thread: Serial # / Call sign for expansion Viper

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    Default Serial # / Call sign for expansion Viper

    Anyone know it? Curious who they picked for the other "generic" ship.

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    Someone on BGG said the expansion is another Hard Ball ship, identical with Id number and call sign. I thought they would be different, at least in on the number.

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    It’s Hardball but I haven’t checked the tail number.

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    The tail numbers on the expansion Viper and the one in the Starter Set are identical, 202INC. However, you may find minor differences in the grey blotches painted on the ship.
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    For anyone wondering who or what Hardball is

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Since they numbered the ship in the first place it seems rather disappointing to give you the same call sign in the expansion. It isn't like that couldn't have choose another pilot. I think this is another reason to limit what I purchase. Sorry I know it sounds like I'm just complaining, but I really didn't expect something different.

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    Is the Starbuck Viper new? Like has stuff not in the starter set?

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    Hey, I made that character card! (never was quite happy with the abilities)

    I also agree that the reprint of the exact same Viper is lame, particularly with 0 named pilot cards. At this point, if you have the Starter set, the only new things in the generic Viper are the "Sniper" & "Leader" talents. The Cylon Raider is similar.

    The Starbuck pack at least has a unique tail # and call sign, but they were lazy enough to just cut & paste the weathering pattern from Apollo's Viper, so they're barely distinguishable. And while I'm here, how the frak is it that Starbuck, of all pilots, is not eligible to take any flaws?

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    The Expansion Starbuck cards have no Flaws but the one from the 'print them yourself freebie' has a Flaw called 'Alien Spacecraft'.

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