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Thread: Movie: They Shall Not Grow Old

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    Default Movie: They Shall Not Grow Old

    So has anyone seen the new movie, "They Shall Not Grow Old"? (Do a web search if you need more details.) The early reviews have been excellent, but so far the screenings have been pretty limited.

    I was curious about the opinions of those in this group, since it is quite relevant.

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    Saw it twice actually, once during the original run last month and again this past Monday, in 3D this time. I thought it was quite excellent. It's not a standard documentary, there's no narrator talking about the causes of the war, details on particular battles or anything like that. I can't even recall there ever being any specific dates being mentioned other than Nov. 11 at the end.

    Instead, the entire "story" is made from the recollections of men who were there. What the overall experience of going through it was like for them, things they saw, things they had to do, what day to day life was like in the trenches. It's quite well done.

    Normally I don't go out of my way to see films in 3D. I have nothing against them, just not something I normally do. I'm glad I got to see this one in 3D the second time around though. The film begins with unaltered original 2D footage and after about 20 minutes it expands to full screen, colorized, 3D. The first time I saw it was pretty amazing but the second time in 3D definitely added a whole new element to the experience.

    No clips of aircraft, unfortunately. There is a half-hour making of that plays after the film that shows a couple quick shots of what I want to say are Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutters, and some FE2b's. These are unaltered black-and-white clips though.

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    Exclamation DVD Coming!

    I just read that it will be released in Blue Ray & standard DVD via Amazon very shortly.
    No info on price yet.

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    I thought the documentary was fantastic. I equally enjoyed the making of segment that came after the credits. I have always been a gravel cruncher at heart and have a couple of British WWI uniforms in my collection ( Middlesex Regt. and Rifle Brigade)as well as a complete set of 08 pattern webbing. With this background i loved all the cleaned up images showing the equipement the men were wearing.

    Here's to them what are like us. Damn few and they're all dead.

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    I saw it here in Portland back in December. I got the 3D experience as well.
    I thought it was excellent. Do stay for the 1/2 hour after the credits - it's very well worth it.

    Looking forward to a North American DVD or Blu-Ray release.

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    'They Shall Not Grow Old' produced and directed by Peter Jackson is now available on DVD at

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    Thanks for the heads up - now on order. Amazon UK selling both Blue Ray and DVD version - price around £14.99 the former and £9. 50 the latter).

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    Not available in North American format yet.
    It will probably come out after this re-release to the theater.

    Hopefully ...

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    This is showing on BBC 2 at 9pm Saturday 2nd Feb for any UK chaps that haven't seen it & for those that can get it - should be on iplayer too I would think.

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    Saw this when it first aired on tv, very much enjoyed it. Well worth a look

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    Hope I can catch it this time around.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

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    I have seen commercials for it on TV. Out next month I think.

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    I am going to see it Wednesday. It looks like it is only showing in a handfull of theatres near me and only for another week.

    For you guys that have aready seen it, do you recommend it in 2d or 3d?

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    I saw it 3D. I am sure either format will be good.

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    Seen it three times now... simply unbelievable

    Never knowingly under gunned !

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    I just got home from seeing "They Shall Not Grow Old". Wow... this is a great film told from a different perspective. If you go see it make sure you stay for the extra input from the director after the movie.

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    I got to see it this weekend. It's truly remarkable the work they have done to add color, stabilize the filming speed, reduce the scratches, and add audio to match the images. You would almost think that someone had figured a way to send a camera crew back to the Western front in 1917. Highly recommended. If it doesn't win an Oscar for sound editing, someone has messed up.

    Alas for us, the only aeroplane shots are in the appendix after the credits, when the director admits that there are huge subject areas (such as the air war) that they had to omit in the interest of time and focus. I certainly cannot disagree with the decision. I just wish there was a shot in the movie where a couple of planes were passing over the trenches, filmed from the ground. Perhaps the Imperial War Museum just didn't have the right footage for such a shot.

    I had to laugh in the afterword when Peter Jackson says something like, "We needed the sound of rolling WWI artillery and I happened to have some historical artillery lying about (as one does)..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReducedAirFact View Post
    I had to laugh in the afterword when Peter Jackson says something like, "We needed the sound of rolling WWI artillery and I happened to have some historical artillery lying about (as one does)..."
    That got some laughs at the showing I attended tonight. A very good movie.
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    It was in our area only for a weekend, but we missed it. I hope it comes back or out on DVD soon in the US. I very much want to see it. Wanted to take the HS freshmen too, he is studying WWI in his German class, the the not only learn the language but some history and culture.

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    'They Shall Not Grow Old' is available on BBC iplayer for the next 20 days, if you can access BBC iplayer where you live.

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