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Thread: Wanted solo rules cards?

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    Default Wanted solo rules cards?

    Want to buy the manoeuvre card sets used in the solo rules system of Her kybirds.

    Also the solo flight stands on sale do I need more than one or can you just move it to a plane each time?

    Oh how I wish I bought the DH2 and E111 when they came out!!

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    If you mean the solo charts Jason you can download them from the WW1 files section under scenarios. There are a few different versions to pick from as Richard's ideas have been developed over the years. You should also find the clock template in there too somewhere:

    If you want Richard's rules specifically they are on his site here:
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    No problem Jason, hope you find what you're looking for.
    I started out with Richard's set, moved on to Joaquim's (Blackronin) advanced version then created my own D8 set. Richard very kindly provided me with the card templates he used for them. He changed his zone template to a 6 zone one but if you look on his site you'll find the original version under the WGS charts that fits better with the earlier charts in the files.

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