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    Does anyone know anything about mehusla and his 1/144 Direct ebay store? He has been gone 'on vacation' for quite some time now, and I was hoping nothing untoward had happened to him...he has so many wonderful decals...

    Any news would be welcome

    All the best,

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    I'll try to contact him.

    Thanks for the reminder - I meant to do so before Christmas, but forgot!

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    No worries, Tim! I thought I remembered someone posting something about mehusla's absence, and I had gone to his site several times over the past couple of months hoping to order something. I hope he just has other things on his plate and nothing serious is wrong...

    Thanks for checking, Tim

    All the best,

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    Matt, what do you want off him? Maybe some of your chums over here can help out when you are over
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    Nothing in particular, Steve - but thanks for the offer! I enjoy looking through his site and picking up bits now and then - most recently I have purchased some 15mm armor decals from him...

    All the best,

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    Matt MISCMINI has 1/144 decals if you would like to check them out. As others I hope all is good with the person that makes those decals you are looking at.

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    Thanks, Bob - I have used him before...he's even done some custom decals for me... He does great work, and I shall use him again. But mehusla has all sorts of stuff, too, and it's fun to look through his pages and order from him (planning to redecal those planes sometime in the future...)

    All the best,

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    He did a special for me than is now on his page. The Egyptian Spitfires were his decals and they came out good.

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    Update on 1/144 direct:

    The good news - the shop is up and running again.
    The bad news - Mehusla is about to retire and it's a closing down sale.

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    Unfortunately so - I raided his store last week and thinned out his stock a fair bit.

    There's another thread around here somewhere...…………..

    Thanks for flagging this up for everyone

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    I think I saw something from Mehusla recently which said he was retiring. There was nothing about any body taking over though!
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