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Thread: Red Arrows: Kings of the Sky

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    Default Red Arrows: Kings of the Sky

    On Wednesday 9th January at 9.00 p.m. Channel 5 television will be showing the first of a six programme documentary series entitled 'Red Arrows: Kings of the Sky'.

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    Any chance of webcasting, or it being cast herer in the US?

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    Might have a look at that Dave. After this last summer's exploits I have a sort of vested interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zenlizard View Post
    Any chance of webcasting, or it being cast herer in the US?
    I hope this is something that is made available on this side of the Pond. For any who view, please let us know what you think!

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    Channel 5 have an online catch-up service at but some content may be blocked on a geographical basis.

    Whether the programmes will be broadcast in the U.S.A. at some time, I have no idea. Channel 5 broadcast some PBS programmes over here so perhaps there may be a reciprocal arrangement.

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    Well worth a watch

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    Thought I was getting somewhere, right up until I pressed 'play'

    Oh well, worth a shot. ...

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    David, thanks. I thought that was awesome. Looking forward to the next episode

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