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Thread: Hobbies from years past.

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    Default Hobbies from years past.


    Starting a new thread about old hobbies that sneak back up on you (or in my case whack me in the back of the head).

    Was out of commissions and still waiting on a new stock delivery so was looking for something to paint. Here we find a Black powder Napoleonic French line unit in 28mm next to the painting desk. Hey, I used to paint 15mm for Napoleons battles this should work....sigh

    I should have know to leave the dead buried. Got the box out and opened, three piece figs should go together quickly. So built the unit in a half hour and primed them the next day. OK..slight tilt down hill.... Now it has been 20 years since I painted Nappys so have to get out a reference book or two...or four...or the whole damn shelf.....Picking up speed. Then got to wondering where I put the old figs I used for Napoleons battles 1st ed from Avalon Hill. Found the rule box, then the charts and rule books, then 5 boxes of painted figs.....Umm...seem to be sliding down hill a bit here. now i am beginning to wonder where I put a few unpainted figs I had left for went my room, the hobby room, boxes in the basement...OK found a few hundred Old Glory figs but mostly French.....Wind is starting to whistle past my ears. Today I got up remembering I had a bunch of Austrian bags back to the basement, and my closet...then as I give up and go back to the hobby room I see a box on a upper shelf that peaks my interest....Thats it folks...he is done now... Pull down the heavy box and look inside...OH MY...seems I forgot I stocked up for a project and hit a few close out sales...7 bags of cav, 4 or 5 bags of Infantry, arty and general bags, French and Austrian casulties...about 15 bags total that I paid an average of $12 to $15 each I look on the web to see if I can fill gaps with new product. Why yes,,,19 century Minis has them still In bags of 50 (Hmm old bags were 100) at $20 a bag. So I looked and added. At today prices between the horde I found today and what I found yesterday I have almost a Grand in unpainted figs and Who knows how much in painted 15mm...sigh

    Looking like I need to get a new box set for the rules (old books are falling apart from use). Have the 2 add on scenario books they printed still,,and a copy of Napoleonic Scenarios by Vossman, Sardu, and Harting. Lets not even get into 40 plus Ospery books and a mountain of research it too late to get back into planes again??

    On a side note, I am keeping the unit for myself when it gets done...and have a starter box set of Black Powder Waterloo on the way...this ain't gonna end well.....
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    OK, update

    Been tearing the house apart and found around 3K painted and unpainted figs scattered across 3 levels of the house (and not sure I have found em all).

    Over 50% are unpainted and all are over 20 years old and have been through 2 movings of my household. First up was refurbishing the painted ones by washing and dusting them before resealing the lot. Finished the Austrians this week of which less then 40% are painted. The Heavy cav unit was just finished this week (they were half painted when stored and have the white coats and breastplate).

    Enjoy and keep in mind these are 15mm. Also all are Old Glory figs...Edit: Looking closely I see I had 2 regiments of Mini fig line.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_6196.jpg 
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Name:	100_6197.jpg 
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Name:	100_6198.jpg 
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    Update for the few still checking in.

    Working on the British right now in 15 mm. Finished a 20 man unit (see January projects thread) Have refurbished 6 more 20 man units by touching them up and matching colors (I.E. Damn near repainting them all as a lot of colors were off) Also touched up and remounted a 12 man cav unit (saving the second for a Before/After picture tomorrow) and then have 6 officer figs and 2 arty guns to touch up and wash. With luck will have pics of all but the second cav unit tomorrow.

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    Thanks Ken. I’m showing this thread to my wife so she can look at my hundred unpainted minis (out of less than 500) and think, “gee, not so bad after all!”

    Of course some stretch back to first edition Epic 40K...

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    I used to have some Epic but E-bayed em years ago. Had the box of minis from the base set (Marines, Eldar, and Orks), and 2 or 3 Squat boxes. Never even took em off the sprues as I did not get into the game. Also dumped a few of my 40K 3rd ed armies a few years back (Necrons, Sisters, and Orks) Did keep my Squats, Imp Guard, and Tyranids though. Most are 20 to 30 year old figs in metal sculpts long gone these days. As I get older beginning to wonder what to do with all these armies stuffed in the closet. I am likely to never play em again and have no need for them...but...just can not let go of most of em. WWII micronaughts, Wrg/DBA/DBM armies, 40K, Warhammer, Warmaster, BFG, Napoleonics, L5R...and on and on. Closets full of painted armies and no one to play.

    Welp...back to painting.

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    I know the feeling. Those dwarves may be worth a mint. GW doesn’t have space dwarves anymore from what I hear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BwanaJoe View Post
    I know the feeling. Those dwarves may be worth a mint. GW doesn’t have space dwarves anymore from what I hear.
    The first major faction that was eliminated by GW, hence the gamer term "Squatted".
    It is impossible for a man to begin to learn what he thinks he knows. -- Epictetus

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    When GW bought out (not so nicely if I remember right) Marauder the company would not give up the right to the squats. So GW just killed em off (the Tyranids ate them). Funny thing is the Demiurg in BFG use the same buzz words (Brotherhiood, ect) so it leaves one to think they brought em back quietly years later. Keep in mind this happened ages past and my memory may be a bit spotty.

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    OK, back to the project that has nothing to do with planes.

    First off side by side pics of the 2 cav units one redone and based.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_6218.jpg 
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    Not as much difference as the amount of work I put into them would suggest.

    Now the rest of my small British force.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_6220.jpg 
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Name:	100_6222.jpg 
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Name:	100_6228.jpg 
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    Will finish off the second cav unit them maybe clear up the French light half painted on my table before getting on to a Bolt Action army for trade stock. Unless of course my Black Powder starter set finally gets here a month after ordering. NWS has outstanding prices but his turn around time has gone from 3 weeks to 5.

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    Still chewing away, got 4 more units finished this week in 15mm and started assembling a 28mm Perry Austrian Infantry unit with helms. Still waiting on my Waterloo starter box for the rules (6 weeks and counting). Looking hard at Command and Colors for 15mm rules and also just might go 15mm in Blackpowder. Till I get my Austrians finished in 28 anyway.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nappy 1.jpg 
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    Oh Boy...Black Powder Waterloo arrived today (Only took 6 weeks). Have leather work to keep me busy the next week and then one Regiment between each commission to keep it rolling. Now do I keep pumping out 15mm units or take a break and do the 28MM units in the box? Will need to order from Perry's for Austrian HQ Blisters, arty, Cav unit or two, arty, and another line box all in 28mm though..sigh.

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