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  • Only sides that are different countries

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Thread: How do you choose what planes to fly for a game?

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    Default How do you choose what planes to fly for a game?

    I would like to know whether most people choose a mash-up of different planes for a game. Or, if they only play scenarios, or if they play with a mix of planes with each side taking a different country.

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    I'd say not the first but both of the next two. This option is not available so I voted scenarios. I run historical (based) scenarios at conventions. I usually design historical scenarios for the OTT campaign but will also do some based on a typical situation. I have not done a mash up and have always kept planes of the same nationality on the same side vs a historical opponent.

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    I put only scenarios but that's only partially true. I have a little booklet I put together in my kit that includes balanced matchups. I have three to six plane match ups so it makes it easy to grab the planes and play. Plus I've copied a bunch of scenarios from here and the Wings of War books too. I keep those in my kit too.

    It makes is easy to play a few planes in a chance encounter to a photo or bombing run. Scouts to two seaters, to the larger bombers or giants.

    So really I 'sort of' usually/always play scenarios but often it is just a collection of good matches in addition to the scenarios.

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    I run a lot of games at the smaller s/f conventions, so I end up doing whatever fits the scenario I have in mind: The only time I run something a-historical is in the demolition derby style game. And that's only been once.
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    My decision is usually based on what kind of game I want to play. Normally I will play two countries against each other. There have been very few times where I have mixed up planes for a game, that doesn't mean it won't happen in the future.

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    All of the above.

    99% scenarios, with correctly-matched opponents, and 1% Christmas Smash-up free-for-all games.

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    My brother and I usually play the mash-up games, but we would like to do a larger percentage of scenarios.

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    I voted only sides from different countries which also includes solo scenarios.

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    Most of the games I have played in or run have been more or less 'historical' scenarios containing planes from roughly the same time period. I would like to try running a 'mash up' sometime.

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    1. Pick a kind of scenario - air superiority, escort/defence, bombing etc
    2. Pick a time period and geographic location - Belgium 1916, East Front 1917 etc
    3. Then pick from a menu of aircraft available at that time and place. For example, Archangel 1919 - Sopwith Snipe and DH9 vs Farman F30 and Nieuport 24.

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