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Thread: Staaken, London questions, use night rules? Flak?

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    Default Staaken, London questions, use night rules? Flak?

    So I havenít used my Staaken yet. Have you used the night rules (by member Tea-something?)
    for a defense against Staaken mission against London?

    Someone added search lights rules, wonder if those could used to help AA fire open up on the Staaken?

    Did flak nuisance Staaken raids?

    Did spotlights give interceptors a glimpse of the bombers?

    Looking for fun way to play with the Staaken but want some
    plausible realism too.


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    Peter's (Teaticket) rules have been used by the solo players in OTT and at conventions in the US - they work well.
    Here's Peter's OTT mission - He tweaked the rules as a result of these games to produce the final version of his rules.

    If you want to see more missions go to here and scroll down to mission 14 A Hard Days Night.

    London did not have many search lights and guns in the early days, surprisingly few in fact. I had something on the numbers once, I'll see if I can find it again.

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    Thank you Flash - I appreciate the links and Teatickets rule efforts!

    I have one WWI aircraft book that has few pictures of L13 (un-confirmed) illuminated by searchlights during a Sept 8th, 1915 raid over London. And also found a reference to L12 having been hit by AA fire near Dover and forcing it to land in the channel. Additionally, L33 was downed by AA fire (** Correction - this was by AA fired from HMS Phaeton and HMS Galatea ***) a Sept 24th raid in which L32 was destroyed by Frederick Sowrey flying a BE 2c. Need to do some further searches to see what other information might be illuminating.

    I think I am hooked - I want to try and put together a 2D airship in side profile using foam board and affixing printed paper image on each side and then allow for mounting on a fore and aft bomber pegs using my Drachen bases. Not the nice as a model, but maybe more immersive than a flat overhead view card.

    - Myles
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    Iirc when the first raids came London had only a dozen guns & searchlights in place - of course other towns had a few too.

    Carl did some work on raids you might find useful:

    Found this alternate for night fighting too:
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