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Thread: ACE WGS Cockpit - US Air Superiority Edition

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    Default ACE WGS Cockpit - US Air Superiority Edition

    Here is something special for the late war US pilots out there, a new ACE WGS Cockpit themed to go with the late war US planes...

    This one has all of the standard features of the ACE Cockpits and has a nice brushed aluminum look to it. You can see the reflections in it.

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    Keith that is really cool. Nice job.

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    That looks really super, Keith!

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    Really looks nice - might have to get me one of those.
    Can you explain what the two upper right hand dials and the 3 sliding scales are for?
    I am guessing the sliding scales are for ammunition?

    I assume the other two dials are altitude and damage.

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    Sliding scales for Ace Skill recovery tokens?

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    Thanks everyone.

    The two dials in the middle are for altitude and damage tracking. The two in the upper right can be used for any number of things. One could be used for tracking fuel and the other ammo or number of turns. BoB missions is what I had in mind when I added those dials. My thinking was that German fighters would have less flying time once crossing the Channel and that simulating that some how would make for some interesting games where the German pilots would have to head for home at some point.

    The three sliders can be used to track Ace Skill recovery times and number of turns for effects like Fire and Smoke. Like the two extra dials, they can be used for anything you might want to keep track of during a mission.

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    Gorgeous work there, Keith - the brushed aluminum finish really pops Were I more of a WW2 player, I would absolutely need to buy one...

    Keep up the inspiring work

    All the best,

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    Very nice Keith. Covers lots of options!

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    Yet another bit of kit to buy more than one of.
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