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    Má někdo pár českých pilotních křídel druhé světové války, mohou poslat obrázek?

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    You can try it, but the originals from WWII are extremely expensive (especially if they were made in UK directly during WWII). Sometimes they are on "Czech Ebay" (, but usually 600+Ł.

    On the other hand, this badge from today is almost the same, but not usually in Army shops (but still far easier to find).

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    PS: There is a nice site about Czech pilot badges: Just do not buy **** angular socialistic versions, they are awful.

    PPS: Here are some replicas: - you can choose what you want and I can buy it for you and send to UK.
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    Děkuji za informace

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    Hope Translator can translate the (first mentioned) site correctly - there are lot of interesting informations, like adding red star in combination of brushing London's manufacturer's mark in 1953 or changing the system to Soviet one between 1954 and 1968.

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    v této věci jste velmi užitečné, potřebné informace

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    Glad I could help. In case of need feel free to contact me.

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    Will do and thanks once again

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    Daniel, I just read your article, "How to make a strips for decks without bases" what a great simple idea" I'm going to replace my rubber bands straight away.

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    The sad fact is I need to get AutoCAD to update new series (for both games). Please, be patient.


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