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Thread: Congratulations Tim.

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    Default Congratulations Tim.

    Congratulations to Flying Helmut on gaining his Five Year Medal today. He seems to have been a member of our elite company for much longer than that.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Well done Tim, I agree with Rob it seems much longer...

    Never knowingly under gunned !

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    Congratulations Tim, here's to the next 5

    Lest we forget

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    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Herr Offizier!

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    congrats tim!!! we all are the lucky beneficiaries of your cheerful presence! thanks you!

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    Well played, that man! Here's to the next five

    Your work is always an inspiration, Tim!

    All the best,

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    Another well-deserved milestone passed! Good on ya, Tim.

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    Well done Tim and many congratulations that man.
    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston S. Churchill

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    Great job Tim.

    Here's to them what are like us. Damn few and they're all dead.

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    <img src= border=0 alt= />
    "We do not stop playing when we get old, but we get old when we stop playing."

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    Another post recognizing your amazing accomplishments.

    Mine pale in comparison.

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    Nice one Tim
    Run for your life - there are stupid people everywhere!

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    Congrats Tim, here is to the next 5

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    A belated well done Tim. 'Drome and UKWING are all the better for your unselfish contributions.

    See you on the Dark Side......

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    Thumbs up

    Congrats Tim!
    You are one of the Forum stalwarts.

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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    Congrats Tim!

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    Missed this one whilst swanning around in foreign lands - Many congratulations Tim. and may there be many, many more of them

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