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    Default Topside Minis targets

    These look pretty interesting/useful!!

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    I have some of those and I do not find them that useful. IMHO I think maybe a good picture resized and printed to WoG target card size with one of your transparent target markers on top would be flatter and more useful than these ship tiles.

    I did get a bit excited when I saw the airfield on the website though until I realised it was WWII and not WWI

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    I just saw this today when I got home. I have been waiting for these since they announced them but have to agree with Baxter. Not sure how they could be used. Teaticket has great maps that he uses in his games. They are actual photos that he has printed when VISTA PRINT has sales. He can fill you in on the details.

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    Disappointed to see that you feel these are not as useful as I had imagined.

    I had been thinking of getting some for my PTO (they will get to the table eventually ...)

    Anyone else have an opinion?

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    I think we have some decent ones in the files. I've found other pics/drawings on-line. Printing onto full sheet label paper, and laminating that onto card stock gives a decent game aid.
    You could also go with a thin cardboard.
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    Topside Minis has a 'base-less option' where you can buy the ship counters withOUT the birch rectangles. The counters are peel-and-stick, so if you simply cut the sheets apart and leave them unpeeled, they will be flat targets on the tabletop. I believe the cost for baseless counters is 50% off list price...

    I don't mind the birch base, myself; it makes the ship counter easier to maneuver, and while it does cause the plane stand to wobble a tad, it's not that unsettling. The ships are gorgeous little top-down views and are in a nice scale for both the WWI and WWII versions of Wings.

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