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    Default Vintage Eagle plastic kit

    I just bought a vintage Eagle plastic kit from the early 60's, a Messerschmitt Me 163, the kit has already been poorly assembled, so I'm going to try to rebuild it, but I have a very small problem/question does anyone know the scale of the kit? it's smaller than 1/72, that much I know, any Brain boxes out there?Name:  eag8145.jpg
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    Seems they are Eaglewall (initially Vulcan) models who made aircraft kits in 1:96 Drew. They also did 1:1200 ships.

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    I have several of their 1:1200 ships in my Malta convoy.
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    My older brother had that Komet kit.
    Circa 1961 +/-

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    I made a number of those Eaglewall ships when I was younger but I threw them all away. I still have a box somewhere.

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    I still have one ship left from my high seas fleet, the "Admiral Graf Spee" I must have made it when I was about six, constructed in the post Battle of the River Plate configuration!!!!!!!!
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    Now that is what I'd call a real Pocket Battleship Drew.
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    Rob, Alas my "Admiral Graf Spee" has been put into my reserve fleet, and I now have a few replacement Pocket Battleships.
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