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    Default Super service - AIM \ Miscminis

    I know this is preaching to the converted here, but I know some UK players are put off ordering from US suppliers due to the perceived high trans Atlantic shipping costs. Armaments in Miniature and MiscMinis should get a medal.


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    Ken, I am having trouble connecting to your link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naharaht View Post
    Ken, I am having trouble connecting to your link.
    Same here, no luck with it.

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    That one works!

    Many thanks.

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    Great little article, Ken I have had the same experience from both vendors - I'm here in the States so the postage issue is less onerous, but it's no less important to reinforce how user-friendly these two companies are...

    All the best,

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    I agree with Matt, Dave (AIM) and Kevin (Miscmini) are wonderful to buy from.

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    I was away for a few days and Just saw this. Last week I placed an order with Dave (AIM) and he sent it out on the 14th. I was hoping to get it by Monday ,17th before I went away. On Saturday, 15th, when I checked my mail the planes were here. I know NJ and MD are not far but I couldn't believe I received the planes the next day. And as far as Kevin (MISCMINI) goes I usually get his decals within 2 days. Great service from both of them and that's the reason I support them.

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    Never tried AIM (WGS takes a Major back seat to WGF at the moment), but Kevin @ Miscmini is a top chap, and has always provided me with exemplary service.

    I'm not saying this just because I'm about to place another order (which I am), and I hope to commission some more custom decals (which I am).............................

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    Dave (AIM) has the balloons in 1/144 so there is your source for them. I can't say enough about Kevin and what he does with decals. His are all I use for my AIM WWII planes. I some cases I order planes because I can match them with his decals. That is how I am looking at my next AIM order and for his decals.

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    I still have no experience with Miscminies (but hopefully will), and my experience with AIM was great.

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    i agree about kevins excellent decal work!!! his custom decals made my early b-17s!!!

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