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Thread: Not strictly WoG but interesting I think - Academy B17

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    Default Not strictly WoG but interesting I think - Academy B17

    Link to some "stuff" and musings about the Academy B17 in 1:200



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    I have one of those kits waiting to be assembled. I did not realise that there was an error in the aircraft lettering. Thank you for posting the link, Ken.

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    ive got one of these that i converted into an E model and painted as one of the unlucky b-17s that flew into the pearl harbor attack.

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    Dave at AIM has a B-17 in 1/200 and is working on a few other B-17 models. Also Kevin (MISCMINY) has decals for them.

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    Great decals from Kevin Miscmini's

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    Dave mentioned he has a B17 G master just about ready. Kevin is doing me some ID codes for 324th BS

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