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Thread: Belly up to the bar

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    Default Belly up to the bar

    Yea today is my 74th birthday so belly to the bar drinks on me

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    Well, congrats on making a fine old age Darell. I’ll have a pint with you
    Run for your life - there are stupid people everywhere!

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    Well happy 74th Darell - hope you have a great day

    "He is wise who watches"

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    I didn't think we were that different in age, Darell. Perhaps because we are both really, really young at heart?

    Would love to share a drink with you, especially in person. Next time I'm in Calgary.

    Until then, cheers!
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    74 beers for the gang, Darell, young boy!
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    "We do not stop playing when we get old, but we get old when we stop playing."

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    I'll raise a glass to that.

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    Happy Birthday Darell!

    Hoisting a Brandy in your honour right now!

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    Many Happy Returns of the Day, Darell!

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    Congratulations Darell - here's wishing you many more of them

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    Wooohooo! Somebody here actually makes me feel young! Youngish. Well, okay...not the oldest. I release the Kraken in your honor - black spiced rum for one and all!

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    Congrats Daryl, only a year down on me! Problem is that with the failing memory I don't think I remember my 74th. I think that age before beauty prevails here and I will be glad to buy YOU a Birthday drink. Just a thought, if I put my belly against the bar I am then too far away to take it from the barman. Such is life! Happy Birthday to you Ditto etc.etc.
    I cannot apologise enough for getting your name wrong first time around. I can only claim failing eyesight!
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    Thumbs up

    Happy Birthday Darrell you young wippersnapper! Hope you had a great day.

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
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    Happy Birthday Darell! Isn't 74 in Canadian years more like 54? I'd be honored to tip a couple with you.

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    Happy birthday Darryl. I hope you enjoy yourself.

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    Hope you've enjoyed your Day of Days, Darell! Here's to the next 74

    Seriously, here's to many more...

    All the best,

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    Late to the party as usual ...
    Happy Birthday, Darrel.
    You don't look a day over 73
    I miss our times on Skype with Mike
    Hoisting a local craft beer to you as I type.

    I don't think I could do 74

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    happy birthday darrell!!!

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    Well done that man. May you enjoy many more happy birthdays Darrell.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Happy Birthday Darell, hope you have a great day.
    Will raise my glass to you

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    Cheers! That's a great reason to celebrate my friend!

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    Congratulations on your Birthday, yesterday.

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    Happy belated Birthday Darell!!! Since I'm so late, I'll start another round for you!!!

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    What was that song? Oh yeah, "it's a long way to ......" or was it ... any way happy birthday and have a pint or two on my tab.

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