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Thread: Central and Entente Powers Hangars

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    Default Central and Entente Powers Hangars

    I've just put a very limited number of the Central and Entente Powers Hangars up on the site. These hangars are designed to hold one each of the Series 1-3 miniatures along with their maneuver decks and flight stands. They measure the standard 13 x 7.5 x 1.25 inches. They fit perfectly in the Aerodrome Bag or any bag that accepts Army Transport sized bags.

    These are great for the players that only buy one of each type of plane per series.

    Central Powers Hangar

    Entente Powers Hangar

    These styles of Hangars were the layouts that lost to the current Hangar design and did not make it into production. I do not have any plans to continue producing these two Hangars. However, if there are enough of you that want them, that could be changed.

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    Nice, what's that custom painted plane in the allied hangar?

    Heh, I had thought you had meant acttual miniature hangars.

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    The custom painted plane in the middle is a Camel wearing a set of decals off my RNAS 9 sheet (it's been to old to dull coat it lately, so it's a little shiny looking right now).

    I have thought about making some limited edition display hangars... they would hold a few planes and you could transport them in it, but it would be more for display/terrain... but that's for another thread sometime.

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    I just put these on sale as I need to make room for the new trays coming in later this month. Save your self some cash and pick them up before they are gone!

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    I will, don't you worry! My wallet's fat with Christmas money!

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