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Thread: US Navy - USSR dogfight in Korean War

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    Default US Navy - USSR dogfight in Korean War

    I found this story of a dogfight between USN F9F flight from USS Oriskany and six MiG 15s:
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    Nice find, thanks.

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    Very interesting bit of history. Thanks.

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    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston S. Churchill

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    Nice spot of something almost lost to history.

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    Very interesting story; thanks for sharing.
    It is impossible for a man to begin to learn what he thinks he knows. -- Epictetus

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    Thanks for the info. I'm very interested in Korean War air actions

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    Nice find and something to think about for a battle between jets.

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    Great story! The F9F Panther is my favourite Korean War jet.

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    Great story, Bill! Thank you for posting the link. Lt. Royce Williams deserves a medal for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naharaht View Post
    Great story, Bill! Thank you for posting the link. Lt. Royce Williams deserves a medal for that.
    That was my thought too when I read it -- but instead he couldn't even talk about it! Makes one wonder what other amazing military feats we never heard about due to diplomatic reasons

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    I thought that the U.S. Government had a 'classified' category of awards for people on secret operations.

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    Good read. thanks.

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    Enjoyed that.
    Thanks for sharing.

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