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Thread: IPMS Thornbury Show - 5th August 2018

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    Default IPMS Thornbury Show - 5th August 2018

    A date for your diaries - the IPMS show is on Sunday 5th August this year (looks like a week earlier than usual). I'm expecting to get an invitation for the Aerodrome as usual in a few weeks. WGF is a perennial favourite, just wondering if we want to do Sails as well this time?

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    Hi Dave,
    If I am about certainly more than happy to partake, also willing to put on a sails if deemed viable.
    If not Ill fly a Roland Dv

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    Whilst I know it got a Luke warm reception around these parts, and assuming the Kickstarter delivers on time, I’d happily bring Tripods to Thornbury if we fancied doing something a little different.

    - Neil.

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    The official invite has been received. I will ask for 2 tables and tentatively have one for WGF/Tripods and one for Sails

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    Chaps, we are now a month away from the IPMS show and we have three participants and two games to cover. If anyone else would like to join in (and make the event viable) then please let me know here ASAP. We have six free tickets, and if previous years are anything to go by we can stretch that a bit too.

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    Count me in for Sails Dave

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    Stuart Machin has just volunteered to join us, so thats 3 definite. Neil, are you coming along?

    Looks like we have 2 free spaces up for grabs

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    I'm in David, if I can. Our daughter is due to produce another grandchild for us in early to mid August. Providing there is no action in that department I'll be there on the 5th

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    Yep, I’m intending to be there. AWI have been "persuaded" to put on a game, but as I committed to the 'drome first, you have my attendance unless we get a late flood of volunteers and I’m not needed.

    - Neil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeilCFord View Post
    Yep, I’m intending to be there. AWI have been "persuaded" to put on a game
    LOL, I saw the email they got, it was just asking if they'd like to run one. But the way it was talked about made it sound like it said the IPMS were going to send "the boys round" if they didn't

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    Are you doing anything different this year?

    Alternative Boating
    "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss" Douglas Adams
    "Wings of Glory won't skin your elbows and knees while practicing." OldGuy59

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    Not this year

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    I might be available, but since I'm firmly of the

    NO SAILS persuasion, and also of the

    NO TRIPODS persuasion,

    there's no point in my coming if our two tables are Sails and Tripods..................

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    Mmmmmmm Sails and Tripods - now there's an idea - combining Nelson and Villeneuve on the high seas

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    Tripods isn't out so you will be perfectly safe

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    If we only want to do Wings then not an issue for me, last sails outing saw one game.
    Just let me know what to bring ships or aircraft

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    Chaps, the show starts at 0930, doors open 0700 but I'm aiming to be there about 0830. Suggest we stick to Wings - WW1

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    Will aim to be there about the same trime. Do you need me to bring anything?

    - Neil.

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    Still looking good for Sunday. Do you want me to bring anything along David, or is it all covered? Shall try to be there for 8.30.

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    Chris, Tim (if coming) - cn you bring mats and a goodly selection of models?

    i will have backups.

    But if anyone else wants to bring anything then the more the merrier

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    Sorry guys, having said all was good, it went a bit wonky today. Daughter was taken in for a scan this afternoon and the result is - they will induce her on Sunday. Looks ok but the hospital want to avoid possible complications. So I'm afraid I shall not be making it to Thornbury this year.
    Hope it all goes well for you. See you at the next one instead.
    Chau for now,

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    No worries, hope it all goes OK for you

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    So no sails required Dave? So I know shich shirt to wear

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    I hope that your daughter will be o.k. and that you will soon be a proud grandfather, Mike.

    Best wishes to everyone at Thornbury for an enjoyable and successful day tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boney10 View Post
    So no sails required Dave? So I know shich shirt to wear
    No, just Wings. and no tripods either so perfectly safe for Tim

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    Thanks David So far so good.

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    Quick update - Baby born this morning. Mother and baby doing fine. Drinks in the mess later.

    Have a good day, all at Thornbury

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    (Very) Small selection of photos from yesterday can be found on Flickr.

    We survived despite the heat but failed to secure the Best Participation trophy for the xth time. Can't complain as it went to my home wargames club instaed

    - Neil.

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    Nice pics Neil, thanks for posting them

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    First congratulations to Mike for the new recruit. Glad to hear both mum and baby are doing well.
    Second thanks to Neil for the Pic of Thornbury.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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