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Thread: The First World War from Above

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    Default The First World War from Above

    This is a 59 minute BBC documentary from 2010 of actual aerial footage taken from an airship in 1919 above the various battlefields and ruined towns of France. Definitely worth the time to view. Currently it is on Netflix. Iím not sure who else has it running.

    (If this has been posted before, sorry, I didnít see it after running a search. )

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    Sounds Excellent! I will be looking it up, Mrs Clipper and I take turns with evening programs and it's my turn Friday!

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    Nice to see this is doing the rounds again. Here's a short taster from the beginning of the program:

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Just a reminder that France took the brunt of the war and her economy collapsed afterwards.

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