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Thread: Scramble in Aurora, IL

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    Default Scramble in Aurora, IL

    Hello Everybody, I would like to host another WOG day at my place in Aurora. Haven't set a date but am considering Feb. 24, March 3 or March 10. I'll pick the date depending on the maximum number of pilots on a given day. If interested post up and let me know which date or dates work.


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    Hi Mike I'll make any of those dates work for us.i`'ll check the site from time to time.thanx i`m looking forward to it.

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    Feb.24 or March 3 work the best for Beth and I.

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    Just talked to Jim and Wendy. They might be able to make it. Looks like it will be either 2/24 or 3/3.

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    Mike the Feb. 24 is no good for Beth and I. I have to be in Madison that afternoon for my daughters hockey game. The March 3 would be best but the 10th would also work.

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    Ok. Let's make it March 3. Assemble around noon.

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    Beth and I will be there on the 3rd. I will let you now if anyone else will be coming with us. Let me know if you need anything.

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    I work 5:00am to 1:00pm on the March 3rd. If I plan ahead, and not too tired, I may be able to make it after work!!! How long are you planning to go to?? ��

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    We usually wrap it up around 11pm.

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    I would like to do 2 scenarios. 3 if everybody wants.

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    If anybody else is interested in this extravaganza, post and I'll you with address and phone number.

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    Hi mike,Patti and I will be there.what would you like us to bring? Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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    Hi Scott,
    Really looking forward to seeing you two. Would you like to bring some chips and dip? Maybe a 6 pack of a favorite brew would be good, too. I'll have several different micro brews, but the more the merrier. I have already ordered a 2 ft sub and I'll get a bucket of chicken wings. I'm getting fired up!

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    Hi mike sure we'll bring some chips&dip& some rootbeer.always enjoy your scenarios. Looking forward to the gathering.

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    Excellent! There will be giants!

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    Mike if you weren’t 8 hours away........ I would be there!!!
    “Flying is hours and hours of boredom sprinkled with a few seconds of sheer terror!” Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, USMC”

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    Still have time to make it! If you leave now, should be up here around midnight and you can crash on the couch.

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    Well if ArkansasChuck is going to be there by midnight, maybe we will hop in the car and be there by midnight so we can start gaming alittle sooner. See you tomorrow.

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    I had a great time yesterday. I hope everyone else did, too. Thanks for coming. I'll post pics soon.

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    We had a great time Mike. I really liked the first game, I think that one will work very well at Rock-Con.
    We did not get home until 5:15 am. Beth and I are hurting a little today.

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    Hey Mike thanks for hosting the scamble.great job.excellent scenarios. Really enjoyed flying the giant.nice to see everyone.we had a great time.thanks again

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    Enjoy some pictures
    Name:  DSC_0061.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  172.7 KB
    Initial set -up, Austria-Germany

    Name:  DSC_0062.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  182.7 KB
    Initial set-up, Italian and British

    Name:  DSC_0063.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  174.5 KB
    The fiendish Central Powers players, Beth, Aaron and Scott

    Name:  DSC_0064.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  175.0 KB
    Bob collaborating with the enemy!

    Name:  DSC_0065.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  188.3 KB
    Pat (Hanriot) and Patti (Bristol fighters) plotting their first set of maneuovers

    Name:  DSC_0066.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  187.4 KB
    Aaron trying to get the Gothas away from those Bristol fighters.

    Name:  DSC_0069.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  169.6 KB
    Scott wasting no time with the Staacken by removing my anti-aircraft artillery.

    Name:  DSC_0070.jpg
Views: 39
Size:  199.3 KB
    Finally get my SPAD in the fight and first damage I draw is fire! One of Patti's Brisfits is also on fire but we have a smoking Gotha!

    Name:  DSC_0071.jpg
Views: 42
Size:  203.4 KB
    Gotha's are gone, but so is the SPAD and there is only one more Austrian escort plane. Time to gang up on the Staacken!

    Name:  DSC_0073.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  150.5 KB
    Staacken is on fire but it wasn't enough. Scott was able to bomb a couple more targets and exit the board for a Central Power victory.
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    Well done Mike!thanks for posting the pics.that sure was kick ass fun.

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    Well done Mike!thanks for posting the pics.that sure was kick ass fun.

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    Nice pics Mike, well done.

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    Another well-done AAR.

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