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    I know some of you out there, just like me, like the Topside Minis ships to use as targets for our Wings games...well, not too long ago TM released the Brits and Germans for the Battle of Jutland - very large fleets, along with auxiliaries and aircraft, designed to refight that epic WWI naval engagement...

    Their 1/1800 scale line (which is their main line/scale for their ships) WILL have individual 'units' for sale - the list will be up on their site come the end of the month. This is exciting news, as prior to now these ships have only been available in a complete set - a tad pricey for me, as I only wanted a few of the ships to use as targets in the Med or the Channel...and while I was considering splurging on the set, it's nice to look forward to this development.

    So I am looking forward to ordering some 'individual' units (which in the past has meant individual ships). I will update this when I learn they've listed them, unless one of you does that sooner!

    All the best,

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    They do a great job. I ordered a number of ships and when they ran out of liberty ship name I received an email about different names so that shows the attention they give you. I have a number of their ships and their rules. Someday I have to play the game. They have a target set that is coming out. Was supposed to be out some time ago but you never know what may have caused the delay.

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    I had gone back and forth with the TM folks a while back, Bob, providing them info on AH ships and Italian and French surface units used in the Med and the Adriatic, in hopes that they might put out some smaller sets for this backwater of WWI that is nonetheless crucial to the Italian/Austro-Hungarian side of the conflict. Good conversation, but probably not too high up on their priority list...

    I look forward to picking up some suitable German and British ships to use...

    All the best,

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