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Thread: We're out of letters for maneuver decks! Some suggestions

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    Lightbulb We're out of letters for maneuver decks! Some suggestions

    Well, excluding the bomber decks, we've used literally every letter of the alphabet except Z for maneuver decks. So that we can keep adding new ones, the obvious solution is to use 2 letters or a letter and a number for new ones. My recommendation would be to use the same first letter for all new (2 character) decks, and assign the second letter to whether seems to "fit" for the airplane, or the one of a similar one character deck. (There's been a tendency, as far as I've noticed, toward assigning letters that seem to go with what airplane they're used for, or what's in the deck.) I would suggest "S" instead of "A," as well as possibly assigning the second letter based on similarities to to existing decks.

    So, if the Sopwith Pup were to get its own deck (which I would actually recommend - a "D" deck but with only one 90 right, and maybe downgrading the short sideslips somewhat, if need be - it would greatly balance its much earlier date), good choices would be "SD" ("resembles the D deck") or possibly SP ("the deck the Pup has").

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    Some form of double letter or 2A, 2B.... will have to be taken forward in assigning future decks. If they had started off with '1' instead of 'A' we wouldn't be in this position. I'm sure there are many ways it could be done and will be interesting to see what ARES comes up with.

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    Well...considering the Giant decks are XA ect just going to AA, AB, AC ect would work fine.

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    Cyrillic characters. Ideally accompanying Ilya Muromets and other Russian plane models...

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    Well, we still have diacritical marks: !, ', umlauts, etc.

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    I'm just glad we have this "problem"! It's a good one to have

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    Two character designations sound fine to me.

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    I expect that Andrea has this in the works already should another new deck be required for a model - perhaps the new ones will be prefixed with Z. eg ZA, ZB etc. That would preclude having awkwardly titled SA, SD or SS decks.
    There is scope for some current decks at different speeds as well as individual ones as discussed regarding the Pup elsewhere.
    A,S,V,T decks are the same apart from their speeds, as are B,J,R; K,H,Y; D,U; E,I; Q,W.
    Maybe a model will come along with a manoeuvre profile that matches a current deck but in a different speed band - maybe it will need something special like the X deck - only time will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakaroniFresser View Post
    Cyrillic characters. Ideally accompanying Ilya Muromets and other Russian plane models...
    Or we could go Mandarin.
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    I think the two character designation would be fine and suggest Prefix S for ww2 and prefix F for WW1 decks.which also doubles the number available straight away!
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    Works for me, Ezekiel.

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