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Thread: X Maneuver Decks and Points System

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    Question X Maneuver Decks and Points System

    More new guy questions:

    Are the "x" maneuver decks (XA, XB etc) just a restarting of the alphabet to accommodate new aircraft/ new maneuver decks or does is it designate something else?

    The Point System (thread sticky #1), what is it exactly? The thread just jumps in. From what I can glen from comments below points are assigned to a set of several variables for aircraft speed, armament, climb etc. The points are totaled to give a final score for that machine. The totals are then used to determine the level of balance between each aircraft/ give a general idea of how one plane might fair against another. This is all used to create balanced scenarios etc. Is this correct or close?

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    The X decks came out with the big bombers, Gotha and Caproni., and then HP 0/400 and Zeppelin Staaken. These came out back with Flight of the Giants so well before running out of the alphabet for single and two seaters.

    Your spot on with your assessment of the point system. Lots of folk like point system for quick balancing of games or tournaments. I don't use it myself as historical battles were not designed with points.

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    The X decks denote the Slowest decks of all.

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    Concerning the X decks, some of the early smaller planes on the unofficial list use em. Sometimes I also think bombers with bigger bases my get more mileage out of them then smaller based planes.

    As add on the only way to get the XC deck is through the old WOW Box set as no model has been printed using that deck. XA Zep Stakken, XB O/400, and XD are the other 2.

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