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    Default Looney Tunes WW1

    I don't remember ever seeing this one when I was growing up.
    I wonder if it inspired Yankee Doodle Pigeon?

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    No, I haven't seen that one before either. Do you suppose political correctness is keeping it suppressed?
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    Sigh..they don't make em like that anymore...such a shame.

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    Thumbs up

    I enjoyed that!
    Do not remember ever seeing it before.

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    I don’t recall that one either.
    We saw a lot of cartoons growing up that were later pulled because they were not PC.

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    Good one, Karl! I do not remember ever seeing that cartoon before.

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    Love the giant quad wing bomber! Gotta keep this one away from the elves . . .

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    Gotta love that wascally wabbit !

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    The last time I saw that cartoon was on a television mounted in a wood piece of furniture as big as a small sofa. Pre moon landing for sure. It actually feels more special now so thank you for sharing.

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    I remember that one from reruns in the 70s. Want to find truly suprressed Loony Tunes? Look for the WWII Japenese ones.

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    We have a very large collection of both Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes and that one isn't in either collection, nor are the Japanese and German ones.

    Nice find.

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    Can't say why this one didn't get the reruns in the 60s-70s. They have Yosemite Sam as a Hessian Grenadier, so.....
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    Nice find Karl.
    I had not seen it either.

    Wascally wabbit.
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    Brilliant - loved it - first time for me too. Thanks a bundle

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    That gave me a laugh! Thanks for sharing Karl.
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    As soon as it started, I realized that cartoon was not from 1931. A little Google research says it was released in 1964. I remembered the scene with the expanding Caproni, but not much else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipper1801 View Post
    Love the giant quad wing bomber! Gotta keep this one away from the elves . . .
    I like the white "Sopwith Camel" with carrot emblem. That should be easy enough to make.
    So how many books are in your personal library?

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    I watched it and had to scratch my head - Bugs looked Chuck Jones in style, but not in execution, and in fact wasn’t even directed by a name I recognized (I can normally pick out the director by the styles and animation idiosyncrasies). Music wasn’t by Carl Stalling. It tried to be Chuck Jones and failed. I presume this was post Chuck Jones firing and close to when Warner Brothers shut down their animation unit - while the subject is close to my heart, it wasn’t a particularly good Bugs cartoon. It just did not have that well-honed sense of timing and pacing that Jones had.

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