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Thread: Derby World Championships 7 & 8 October

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    Default Derby World Championships 7 & 8 October

    We have a table booked for the above show.

    This year at a new venue Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground Lutterworth Leicestershire LE17 5QS

    Looking for vollunteers to run the table, I can get there for one day most likely the saturday but any more to assist.
    I was looking at a WW1 game but we can change that to suit what we have.
    So make a date and let me know who is / can be available so we can put on our game.

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    Just over a week to this one, no one going ?

    Need vollunteers if at all possible, Ill be there on the Saturday from 0900, anyone going let me know so I can then forward details , car pass etc.

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    I might be able to come on Saturday 7th, Chris, but it all depends upon how much longer my mother is in hospital.

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    Captain Kiwi and I intend to come either Saturday or Sunday depending on his schedule.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Can't do Saturday.

    Sunday might just be possible; still working on it..................

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    Hi Chris,
    I can bring everything for Saturday and Sunday, WGS and WGF.
    Can run games all day.
    Will welcome all the help I can get as it will just be me Saturday, Ruth can only help Sunday.
    I really should as I am the county Flight Leader.

    Lest we forget

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    I'm on horse transport duty next weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naharaht View Post
    I might be able to come on Saturday 7th, Chris, but it all depends upon how much longer my mother is in hospital.
    Be good to see you if you can but only if all ok with your mum David

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Officer Kyte View Post
    Captain Kiwi and I intend to come either Saturday or Sunday depending on his schedule.
    Be good to see you if you can Rob, ill be there saturday and sunday if I can

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    Apologies to all for the relatively short notice here, I asked for a table ages ago but got no reply and thought we were unsuccessful until last weekend I got the mail for joining instructions.
    Ill forward details to all this weekend, but we are on table H9 not E9 right by the entrance

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    Hi Chris.
    I have just received the Welcome pack you sent me, and must draw your attention to this point in the additional information sheet.
    • Please make sure your public liability insurance is current, we are not responsible for this. You may be asked for a copy on the day.

    We have no such cover and I wonder what position that places us if a punter is poked in the eye by a pickelhaube?

    I welcome the views of all participants on this matter.

    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    I appreciate that I'm a newbie here but I've been involved with putting on various games at cons and shows for a few years now. I've never been asked for Public Liabilities Insurance at a show. I doubt most wargame clubs in the UK will have any. I've no idea what would happen if there was some sort of incident.

    It's a standard for re-enactment and living history events for each group to hold PLI with an indemnity of five million pounds. I've still got friends involved with this so if anyone would like me to ask for more information or contact details drop me a PM.

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    Thanks for pointing this out Rob, I must admit to not seeing it. We have never been asked about this nor have this been mentioned at any other show since I started organising the shows.
    I will contact the organisers for clarification, does anyone want to pull out ?

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    Public Liability Insurance has, for every wargame show I've attended in a display/GM capacity over the last 30 years, been the responsibility of the organisers rather than attendees.

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    The only time I have ever been asked to sign anything was at Leeds Armories. I'm still in for this show.

    Never knowingly under gunned !

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    I'm still up for it. I just think that if the organisers start asking for PLI they are going to have a pretty empty venue.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    I would still like to attend. If I can make it, would you like me to bring anything?

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    Hi All, It's the "risk averse" syndrome rearing its ugly head, personally I'm not fussed.
    If anyone wants to bring stuff for display please feel free.
    I think I have enough for a 1917 balloon busting/scouting/dogfight scenario
    Harry Tates, Camels, DIIIs and DVs, DR1s and a couple of Alb CIIIs if needed
    Can add some French Spad XIIIs and a Strutter if we want to get really international!

    Lest we forget

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    Just realised we are talking about this year's show (i.e. this coming weekend) D'oh!!!
    Alas I am unavailable - but I will definitely be there next year - shocking I know but then again no one is ever a year (or two) late to a war are they?

    Never knowingly under gunned !

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    I regret my employment has well and truly got in the way this time...

    I am unable to attend either day

    Megga disappointed

    look forward to a report after the event...

    I feel the need....for speed!

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    myself and the deadly M are hoping to try and get there on Saturday will know more later in the week

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    Sorry chaps, work has again put its oar in for me.
    Anyway the intention was for WW1 both days, I will bring my mats and planes, John also has aircraft. Although I am trying to finish off my AEG J1 for a Ground attack mission of some kind.
    The only think I am diffi now is a banner as I have a missing catch for mine.
    Rob sending you a pm.
    But anyone else coming along, just bring an aircraft you would like to use and we will get it involved at some point.

    The intention was to start with Sopwith Pups against Albatross D2, Sopwith Tripes or Strutters against Albatross D3 then Se5 or Camels against Albatross D5 ending with Three Aeg J1 excorted by Hanover or Halberstadt against Camels and SE5, a ballon mission winserted into one of the dogfight missions.

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    Sounds good Chris,
    I have some RFC Pups if you are short of RNAS aircraft, I have some Tripes as well.......

    Lest we forget

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    Sorry chaps, I am confirmed UNABLE to attend on either day.

    Hope you all have a great time - post lots of pictures!

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    The hospital have not told me that they are planning to discharge my mother tomorrow, so I am free to attend on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing you all.

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    myself and the Deadly M will be there on Saturday

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    Good luck today everyone - gutted I can't be there. WIll be interesting to see how the show is in its new venue - I always liked it at Donnington

    Never knowingly under gunned !

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    Have a good 'un chaps, post some pics when you get time

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Have fun everyone. Hope all goes according to plan

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    Well, that was a fun two days, spent far too much money as usual (I was fine yesterday, but today Mrs Biggles joined me)
    I will be posting pics later, so stay tuned......

    Lest we forget

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    So how did it go, and did anyone get thrown out for not having PLI?

    Also, any thoughts on the new venue? There seem to be some mixed reviews in the wargaming press.

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    Nothing mentioned about PLI, our location was very good with a bit of a double edge to it.
    Prime location right at the entrance with good space and near the amenaties.
    However we only got the punters on the way out, or so it seemed.

    Location was quite good to be honest, a new building, plenty of room, the canteen was an attached marqee but seemed to work well.
    The venue was out in the sticks, no public transport that Could be seen. You can only get there by car or such. On the good side plenty of parking.
    Getting to the venue, pretty easy untill you get to the last few miles then it really is via country lanes.
    But, I thought it was ok and already said we would go again next year

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    Here are my photos of Sunday game one.

    John Biggles sets up the game.
    Name:  IMG_5239.jpg
Views: 67
Size:  185.3 KB

    I grab a quick cup of tea before the punters arrive.
    Name:  IMG_5240.jpg
Views: 63
Size:  208.0 KB

    Some confounded Huns invade my cup space.
    Name:  IMG_5241.jpg
Views: 74
Size:  179.2 KB

    When I complain on behalf of the RFC they get stroppy so we give them a shot and one starts to pollute the atmosphere by smoking.
    Name:  IMG_5242.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  176.4 KB

    One of my mates turns up to see them off our turf pronto.
    Name:  IMG_5243.jpg
Views: 74
Size:  190.6 KB

    Then the smoker gets a right monk on and runs after our mate.
    Name:  IMG_5244.jpg
Views: 70
Size:  186.0 KB

    Captain Kiwi and your truly do a bit of team aerobatics to confuse the Huns.
    I think the Frogs call it a pass the ducks or something.
    Name:  IMG_5246.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  176.8 KB

    As you can see it failed.
    Whilst we were passing the ducks the blighters shot our mate up the exhaust pipe.
    rather unsporting behaviour what!
    Name:  IMG_5247.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  128.3 KB

    Anyway, it did them no good because Kiwi got dead bolshie at this.
    Name:  IMG_5249.jpg
Views: 72
Size:  198.3 KB

    Shot the blighter right out of the sky.

    Name:  IMG_5250.jpg
Views: 72
Size:  132.5 KB

    Then another of them turned up!

    Name:  IMG_5252.jpg
Views: 74
Size:  205.2 KB

    Had the infernal cheek to spoil my cup of tea.

    Name:  IMG_5253.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  187.9 KB

    It was cold by then anyway! And at least I heated up the Blue one on my way down.

    Name:  IMG_5254.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  146.1 KB

    Then poor old Kiwi got his.

    Name:  IMG_5255.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  190.2 KB

    So we all went off for another cuppa.

    Game two to follow.

    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    I was only there on the Saturday but I agree with what Chris wrote.

    Finding the venue was not too bad. I put the postcode into my sat. nav. and it brought me fairly close but I then got a bit lost finding the actual site. There was plenty of free parking.

    Being in the entrance lobby was good because everyone saw us on the way in, however they were nearly all hurrying to reach their competitions or the dealer stalls. A number of people came back and joined us later. We still had some good games. There was free wi-fi but there were no power sockets where we were so I could not set up my laptop to demonstrate the Aerodrome website.

    The main hall was roomy. There were many dealer stands but I was disappointed to find that none were selling Wings of Glory or even aircraft models in the correct scales for the game. One dealer had two Sails of Glory mats on sale at a reduced price and the 'Bring and Buy' stall had a Sails of Glory Starter set. Those were the only Ares products I could see.

    It was an enjoyable but tiring day. I too lots of photographs. I would go again if the opportunity arose.

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    Game two.

    A new young pilot joins the Flight.

    Name:  IMG_5256.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  203.5 KB

    Stop the Handley from escaping at all costs!
    Name:  IMG_5257.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  201.1 KB

    Not an auspicious start for the Germans.
    Name:  IMG_5258.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  199.8 KB

    The Jasta Flight Leader reconsiders his options.
    Name:  IMG_5259.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  135.8 KB

    Meanwhile the Brits are spoilt for choice.
    "Take the nearest one down old chap."

    Name:  IMG_5260.jpg
Views: 55
Size:  175.6 KB

    Gotten Himmel! The Tommy is getting away!

    Name:  IMG_5261.jpg
Views: 63
Size:  208.5 KB

    Drat, here comes a Hun reinforcement.
    Name:  IMG_5262.jpg
Views: 62
Size:  193.4 KB

    A near miss!

    Name:  IMG_5263.jpg
Views: 53
Size:  193.8 KB

    Just two to one then and almost home.

    Name:  IMG_5264.jpg
Views: 53
Size:  209.8 KB

    But not quite.

    Name:  IMG_5265.jpg
Views: 53
Size:  202.7 KB

    A double tap and a win for Fritz.
    However, this is the first ever game where I shot down an enemy machine and ended up with zero damage to my kite.

    Last edited by Flying Officer Kyte; 10-12-2017 at 12:20.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Officer Kyte View Post
    ...However, this is the first ever game where I shot down an enemy machine and ended up with zero damage to my kite.
    Now that is a notable event Rob - congratulations !
    No fire, no hits... By George I think he's got it !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Yes I was gobsmacked as well Dave. A whole day's play and no fire!
    This is too good to last.

    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    I guess you are now living right. Congratulations on the fun times had by all.

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    Well I can't put it down to shortage of Gin after Doncaster Dale. The chaps and Guus in particular were most generous with supplies.

    Name:  IMG_5292.jpg
Views: 34
Size:  177.2 KB

    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Hey Rob,
    I'm really surprised you still have some left
    Looks like you're not drinking gin or jenever (be it old or young) by the pint then after all

    btw nice AAR
    "zet 'm op ... witte muizen !" (strijdkreet van 1e JaVa, Luchtvaart Afdeling, Nederland 1940)
    "let's go get them ... white mice !" (battlecry of the 1st Fighter Group, Army Air Force, Netherlands 1940)

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    Hi Guus.
    First, thanks again for the bottles. My uncle taught me to savour my Jenever. The English Gin is for quaffing.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Nice to see a few familiar consoles being used, even if I wasn't there to join the fun

    Never knowingly under gunned !

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