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    I have been away for a little bit. I have been taking advantage of summer and doing many outside projects. As the cooler weather sneaks in I found myself looking at Wings Planes on Ebay. Question: Has the world gone insane?? The prices on early prints are still outrageous but it does not stop there. I saw a Halberstadt DIII, a print not but a little over a year old sell for $45! And Georing DVII'S for $40 plus? Now what am I going to use for re-paints?! Did Ares go out of business this year? These are not just asking prices, but items have been sold for these amounts. If these continue to sell for these insane prices I am going to unload all my planes and buy a Ferrari!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Nowotny View Post
    ......I am going to unload all my planes and buy a Ferrari!
    Now Now Now, let's not get too carried away! But it's strange to see these prices, when I can find plenty for around $10-$15. It could be someone selling them for inflated prices just to make a lot more money than selling them at their usual online price.

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    Those Halberstadt's are closer to 5 years old! Best thing to do is buy several of your favourites when they are first released.

    I mark up planes that I can't get any more of. The higher the price, the less I have of them left. Its the only way I can compete with the super size American online stores that work on a 'high volume low margin' philosophy. They sell $4.50 under the MSRP. Its challenging for the industry as a whole, but great for customers when items are first released. This is your opportunity, well really, Keith is your best opportunity at Aerodrome Accessories or your FLGS given the personalised service they can provide.

    Its impossible from outside of USA for us to compete on price though. Once any of us outside USA have imported them, the wholesale price advantages are gone. So the only way I can compete is to have stock depth. But that costs me a lot of capital up front when they are first released, hence the price increase when they become rare. The Halberstadt's for example end up at around $33 usd from me, and $30 once you've applied discount codes: vladimirpetlyakov

    I've been running my store for 5 years now (recently rebranded as Rival Sky Games ) and haven't taken a profit yet! I've been reinvesting all my income into stock. (I've had a hell of a lot of fun though, and I do have a killer personal collection that is paid for by the store! )

    There are close to 200 different items available from Ares now. Plus another 60 at least for Sails of Glory. Trying to purchase even just 6 of each one, and keeping even just 3 constantly in stock constantly is VERY expensive up front! You will notice even the big online retailers don't keep everything thats available constantly in stock.

    The only way around this for you as the customer is to buy the ones you think you will want in the future up front from stores like Keiths or your FLGS, who provide the best new release pricing. Thats the reality of this niche game! If you did miss out, take a look at my store using my discount codes, stuff you get directly from me is cheaper than my stuff on eBay. Your local FLGS's may well still have rare stock at original prices too if you are lucky, plus many top sorts on this forum who could have spares available.

    I am thinking of adding a 'customer loyalty' discount to my store as well which will lower the costs more for customers who repeat buy from me, but thats yet another cost I have to pay my web designer, plus the creator of that plugin lol, perhaps in a few months I will look into it and backdate peoples accounts.

    Oh and by the way, i think your Wings of Glory collection holds its value better than a Ferrari
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