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    Default Rock-Con 2017

    Anyone going to Rock-Con this year? It runs Friday October 20 to Sunday October 22.
    This year it will be at Tebala Shrine Temple, 7910 Newberg Rd, Rockford, IL
    Early bird cost is $25.00 for entire weekend or $30.00 for entire weekend if bought after September 24.

    Beth and I will be going Friday and Saturday, not Sunday.
    I am wondering who will be running games.(Mike and Tim?)


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    I will be there Friday and Saturday too!!! I have plans for Sunday, so I will not be there then!!! Planning to run Friday night air school, and a scenario sometime on Saturday, just need to get them registered!!!

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    I am planning on 2 scenarios on Sat. Morning and afternoon. Maybe Axis and Allies on Friday night. See you there.

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    Sounds like a fun opportunity - now that I'm retired, it could be a 'thing' I can do....

    All the best,

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    Bad news!!! I have an all weekend training in Wisconsin, so I'm not going to be there!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

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    I have just received confirmation that my scenarios have been approved for Rock-Con. Sat. morning will be a bombing run on Trieste, and Sat. afternoon a combined French and American force will attack in the St. Mihiel region. Also, I am planning on running an Axis and Allies game on Friday night. The excitement is already building!

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    Curses!!! I'm missing out on a Turkey shoot!!!

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    All right everybody! Who's going to the Con? I have two scenarios for Sat 10/21, the first in the morning session and the second in the afternoon. see you there!

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    Rats! Wishing I was nearer, great group and fun! Miss you all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clipper1801 View Post
    Rats! Wishing I was nearer, great group and fun! Miss you all!
    We miss you to David.
    Every time my balloons fly, we think of you.
    My son just moved to Phoenix. If he stays long enough Beth and I will plan a vacation and visit you.
    Take care David

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    Michael, Beth and I will be down Friday around 1pm. I will call you when we get to the convention.

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    Excellent. Hope to be there around 3 PM.

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    Great job on both the scenarios Michael. Beth and I had a great time.

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    Name:  DSC_0151.jpg
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    Caproni's lining up on targets.

    Name:  DSC_0153.jpg
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    The three charming ladies who graced my game!

    Name:  DSC_0155.jpg
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    Bob moving his Caproni.

    Name:  DSC_0156.jpg
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    Everybody was having fun!

    Name:  DSC_0158.jpg
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    Megans SPAD catches fire!

    The first scenario was entitled "Raid on Trieste". Three Capronis were assigned to bomb at least 6 targets in the port of Trieste in order to secure an Italian victory. The Capronis were escorted by Machhi sea planes, 2 Hanriot HD1's and a SPAD X111. Central Powers responded with 6 Albatross DVa's, two Phoenix, and two Aviatiks. The Italians secured a victory with 6 targets destroyed and 3 Central Powers planes shot down. Italian losses were 1 Caproni and the SPAD.
    Last edited by Beer&pretzels; 10-23-2017 at 18:23. Reason: More text

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    Bravo!!! Well done flight!!! Great pictures!!!

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    I missed all of you!!!

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    Great job Mike, Good to see lots of players having a good time. I hope Bob didn't move his Caproni to tears !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    How was everything at the new location???

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    Dave, my caproni survived and I had bombed 2 or 3 of our 6 targets we needed. We had alot of fun but we were lucky because our fighters kept them busy. The allies did lose one of the caproni's but not mine this time.

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    Tim, the new location was great. Not as big but no soccer players running around and parking was close. The only draw back was the food. They had burgers,hotdogs,brats and chicken sandwiches but only served until 7pm.
    Overall it was very nice.

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