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Thread: Blenheim Bomber, The forgotten bomber

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    Default Blenheim Bomber, The forgotten bomber

    I learned something new today. Never saw this bomber before.
    Hope you all enjoy.


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    Not completely forgotten: Bristol Beaufort Torpedo Bomber

    There is even a card for the Mk I on that thread.
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    Great documentary. I'd not seen this one before either. Thanks for posting.

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    I own a three dvd set entitled 'Blenheim the Forgotten Bomber' but I am afraid that it is so long since I watched them that I cannot remember whether the Youtube video is one of the three or a compilation of them.

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    I'm sure I read somewhere, please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Blenheim serve in every theatre of the war and it's crews won the most VC's.


    (Surely one for Ares to do)
    See you on the Dark Side......

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    Just bought 4 Zvezda 1/200 models so the film was timely Thanks Tom

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    I'd not forgotten the Blenheim. I have 4 Zvesda Mk IV,s completed with another 5 yet to start. I like the Bristols, I also have 6 Beauforts and 7 Beaufighters in my airforce.
    Have seen this video before but enjoyed watching it again.
    Thanks for posting Thomas.
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