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Thread: Possible interest to UK members

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    Default Possible interest to UK members

    Found this in Smiffs yesterday:

    Warbird is possibly a misnomer, for as well as military aircraft it also includes civilian types as well. For each type it lists the extant aircraft (including replicas) and their status - Flyable, Restoration, Ground Runer and Stored. The lists do not include every aircraft in museums, rather those that are privately owned, although a few museum-owned aircraft are included, those of Shuttleworth for example.

    The mag also focuses on specific aircraft but these tend to be the usual suspects - Spitfires. Hurricanes, B17, Lanc, Mustangs and P40s. All in all an interesting read.

    Must do a bit of research, as no P47 is listed and I am sure there is one at Duxford.
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    Thank you for the 'heads up', Steve. The P-47 may not be listed because Duxford is a Museum. The P-47 is in the American air Museum there. where else?

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    No, not that one. There is/was a privately owned Jug at Duxford. There was a bubble-top version there for years, which was sold and replaced by a razor-back version a couple of years ago.
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    Thanks for the heads up Steve

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