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Thread: Most Dedicated Miniature Buyer?

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    Default Most Dedicated Miniature Buyer?

    When my new Series 3 planes arrive, I'll be only five types of aircraft away from having at least one of every released miniature type from WGF and WWF. (Three of those are from Series 4, so I've got awhile to wait, I figure. )

    I'm wondering, however, how many of you have beat me to the punch, and you own at least one of every type of aircraft (including a Drachen!) from all the series that have been released?

    And even more, does anybody own at least one of EVERY model aircraft ever released for WWF and WGF? (Both balloons, all six Fokker DVII's, all three Airco DH2's, etc.)

    This isn't a question of money or bragging rights -- this is a question of pure dedication to the game, I feel, and I'm just wondering who are the absolute completists among us ... and who were lucky enough to get in on the game from the start and stick with it!!!

    -- Eris

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    I have them all except one Fokker E that I traded and painted one like it.

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    Does this include the Silver and Gold Promo models?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baxter View Post
    Does this include the Silver and Gold Promo models?
    What are those? I was just thinking "normal" publicly available models.

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    Do not tell Mrs Clipper, but the elves have at least 2 of each mini made except the silver and gold ones, they did make them from existing minis. WWI & WWII. Then there are multiples of most all the Shapeways as well as numbers of scratch builds . . . And a dozen Zeppies : )

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    At least one of everything and in WGS especially two (or more) of most miniatures. But then I started way back in Naught-Eight so I could get them as they arrived on the shelf. It would be alot harder for later starters. These latest squadron packs are particularly enticing, I have 9 109s, 6 Spits and 6 Hurricanes already. If Ares go that route with WGF I will be in real trouble

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    Only been at this a year so have very limited choices. That being said I have prowled the local hobby shops and live on E-bay.

    So.. for WWI Have all 4 boxed sets of WOW and one of the barrage balloon boxes. Even have at least one of every card set.

    Have one of each of the big planes except the HP O/400 (soon, very soon)
    For the WoG line have 2 of the basic boxed sets, and the Baumer/Luke starter set.

    For planes have over 60 airframes with at least one of every thing but the

    Nieu 17/23
    Breguet BR.14 B2
    Albatross D.III (got 2 Shapeways airframes though)
    Pfalz D.IIIa
    Rumpler C.IV C.
    AIRCO D.H.2 (2 Shapeways)

    Only full set I have is set 7

    But then I am still new at this....

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    I'm not one but I know a few !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Having everything is a bit too much for me, nevertheless I have far more than I every thought I'd have. But not nearly as many as others, so I'm good.

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    Have at least one of everything, including all card and boxed started early on and really liked the concept. Now the excuse to SWMBO is that I maintain the Current Contents files, and it's worked so far

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    I also do not know anything about gold or silver. Who would play with a solid gold color plane? I'm a player first and a collector second. The only things I have that as not been played are the giants. I also have all the F-toys.

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    In the WoW days FFG and Nexus produced some silver and gold painted minis as promo pieces. You could request them for prize support for an event you were running. They are exactly the same as the normal minis, only painted solid silver or gold. The cards that come with them are the standard card.

    Only thing I'd use them for is a repaint !!

    Linz found a pair:

    Andrea goes on to explain in the linked thread that Nexus Editrice made a limited edition of 'out of commerce' golden and silver miniatures, just as tournament prizes. Baracca's SPAD is all gold, while Olieslager's Camel and the three D.Va of Udet, Jentsch and Weber are in silver. No changes to cards and boxes, but the sticker is different.
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    "He is wise who watches"

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    Thanks, Flash

    Gold and silver planes are not my cup of tea.

    My next goal it to have one all the major non-naval ww1 aircraft from 1917 to EOW made by shapeways. I already have all the Austrian-Hungarian and Italian and put a major dent in the Brits and French.

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    I have two of each model as "standard", one for use and one spare, then many more extra ones, as required.
    This includes balloons, Giants and box sets.

    Plus two Silver Albatri.

    WGS and Shapeways have pushed my total well beyond 1000 planes

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    Well let's review...have all of the released models from both WoW and WoG for WW1 only (no interest in WW2)...includes all maps, all blister packs, all bombers, all giants, both English & French versions of Deluxe set, all duo combos, all uncounted duplicates for as-yet unrepainted repaints.

    Also have a handful of Shapeways plus a Clipper's Zeppelin... think that about covers it.

    Someday I'd like to get all of them on a table in proper combat sequence...might take a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redcoon2 View Post

    Someday I'd like to get all of them on a table in proper combat sequence...might take a while.
    It might take a while but the sight would be awesome especially if arranged in a battle sequence.

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    This thread got me looking at my cards and seeing what I have cards for but have not ever been produced as WoW/WoG models yet

    Pomilio PC
    S-Schuckert D IV
    Fokker E IV
    SAML S2
    Phonix C1

    And for the big boys included in Flight of Giants

    Friedrichshafen G III
    Caproni CA 42
    Felixstowe F.2A
    Curtis H.16

    All have cards in the old sets and are official just mini has not been produced yet...Hint...Hint

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    Have not counted mine lately but got "lots" including a Balloon, many Shapeways, Gothas & Giants plus WW2 BoB & Pacific.

    The following pics of a WW1 display I did for a local Museums Children's week WW1 Commemoration will give a reasonable idea & there are many more added since.
    Name:  <acronym title=WoG display 2.JPG Views: 126 Size: 156.7 KB" style="float: CONFIG" />Name:  <acronym title=WoG display 3.jpg Views: 124 Size: 235.1 KB" style="float: CONFIG" />Name:  <acronym title=WoG display 5 dogfight.JPG Views: 128 Size: 163.8 KB" style="float: CONFIG" />Name:  <acronym title=WoG display 6 dogfight 2.jpg Views: 125 Size: 260.9 KB" style="float: CONFIG" />Name:  <acronym title=WoG display 7.jpg Views: 119 Size: 234.3 KB" style="float: CONFIG" />

    Name:  <acronym title=WoG display 1.JPG Views: 113 Size: 103.0 KB" style="float: CONFIG" />

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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    I have at least one of each except for:

    Fokker E.III
    Halberstadt D.III

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    Wow Barry (or should I say WoG). This Imperial March from Star Wars comes to mind when seeing your display. Coupled with "Resistance is futile - we are Barry's collection from Star trek"

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    Nice display Barry....The wife has not made any comments about my collection so I guess I don't have enough planes yet.

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    WGF I have at least one of each with quite a few extras for repaints. WGS I started late so didn't get the first series or the deluxe set but have made up a lot of ground with the rest. I'm afraid to count as I have ~100 Shapeways painted and many more than that yet to do.

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    WOW Barry! Great that's what I'm talking about.

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    ive got one of each aircraft type except a balloon. some i have all 3 or 5 (including reprints), some i have a couple od paint jobs but many just 1.

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    Barry - love it. Especially the progression from early to late war!

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    I currently have at least three of every scout and two of every 2-seater offered so far by ARES in WGF, including a few repaints for a few series. Basically, everything except the Macchi. I have Capronis and a Gotha ... no BIG bombers. The only thing I have from WoW is a balloon and Nieuport 16 (and continually kick myself for not snatching up BOTH that had become available when I had the chance). In all, my last count had my total at exactly 100 planes (and 1 balloon).

    As far as WGS is concerned, I wasn't particularly interested until the release of their BOB line ... I couldn't resist the temptation, so now I also have 6 Spits, 6 Hurricanes, 1 Beaufighter, 1 Glouster, 8 Me 109s, 2 Me 110s, 4 Stukas and 2 HE 111s (sigh). For my wallet's sake I hope they don't expand that line ... I'm very weak-willed!!!

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    I've always thought I was the small collector of this bunch. But I've seen posts about everything from one of most things to three or more of everything plus shapeways. I guess I'm well suited in the middle. I have two of most scouts, and one each of the seaters one. There are exceptions where I ordered more, and a few where I have none of a given type at all.

    This, to me at least, give me a very nice variety and covers a ranges or historical years and 'point' values. Having multiple scouts allows the team feel in the game, two Dr.1 against two Camels. But having other planes gives the possibility of a different feel to the same game's next play. Two seaters, heavy bombers and balloons for missions galore

    Most dedicated? Probably not, but not the least either. Rather somewhere in between. Here for a game with friends, in a historical context, with cool looking minis.

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    I'm certainly not the most dedicated. I began with one of each from Series One before buying a fair few to repaint. Then I decided to concentrate of the era Late April 1918 to July 1918 and bought for that. Having got a fair way with it I then decided to back-track to cover early 1917 to mid 1917 and have bought multiples for that and will buy more – Albatross DIII for example.

    However, if you asked the question who has the most modified collection then I think I might be in the running, not in terms of total numbers but as a percentage. Other than models in stock for repainting, I don't have a single plane that I haven't repainted or improved in some way in my collection. Many are repaints that have required significant work including custom decals that I've designed and had printed for me as one-offs.

    I was into WW2 air long before WoW came along and have 1/285 metal so there are no WoGS in my collection.

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