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    Does anyone have a local gaming store that carries WoG, and that store have an abundance of Squadron Packs for the Hawker Hurricane or JU87 Stuka?
    The stores I normally deal with have an abundance of Spitfires or say that WoG is low on their request list or their suppliers are currently out.
    I know Miniature Market only has Spitfires, as of this morning, I just got the last JU87 Stuka from Noble Knight Games, I've checked the AA store here with similar results.
    And Ares has said wait for your local supplier to restock.

    Thanks for your help.

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    How many of which do you need? I can look here in Phoenix . . . they will be full price if they have them though . . .

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    I don't have any Hurricanes, so 3 Hurricanes and 1 Or 2 Stuka.
    I just ordered 1 Stuka and 3 109s from Noble Knight Games, they should be here middle of next week.

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    Other than here in the Aerodrome Store try Miniature Market. They have all the new releases.

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    Over here in Australia Rivalsky Games still has stocks of all the Battle of Britain aircraft, despite my best efforts to deplete them!

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    Thanks guys. When I wrote this I had just checked MM and they were out, it seems they restocked since then and now have ample supplies of all Squadron Packs.

    Noble Knight Games--order placed on Thursday, delivery via USPS scheduled for Monday.
    Miniature Market--order placed by 10am Friday, delivery via USPS. No word on status of order as of this morning. Don't look for them to process it until late Monday and ship Tuesday. SMH.
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