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Thread: Please help the game on BoardGameGeek

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    Default Please help the game on BoardGameGeek

    Good day.
    Just a reminder of how important it would be to support the game on BGG, a big window to show that Wings of Glory is alive and healty to the big mass of boardgamers. As several of you already know - thanks so much.
    The Aerodrome is the perfect place to speak about our game, to share pictures and files, to announce events and plan new ones, and so on. But some more visibility on BGG can attract more people to the game. And here on this site too.
    The easiest thing is to rate games. No need to overrate products, just rate honestly. Especially basic sets, rules packs and duel packs. At the moment, the Battle of Britain set for example has only 15 ratings. It will not appear in any ranking until votes will be at least 30 (or more if something changed recently) and the average rating will not reflect the real ones until there will be far more, due to anti-scam loads put to the average calculation.
    Another thing is: post your best photos there. Not all the great ones that I see here, but just the ones you like more. In the caption quote your events, clubs, whatever - they will get visibility, and give it to our game.
    Post link to your videos in the videos section.
    Announcing your events there can also attract people.
    Of course you can quote this site any time you feel like, as I do myself, so that people can find far more chanches to go deep into the game and its lively community.
    I know that several of you are doing that, but if more of you will do the same this will be good for Wings of Glory, for The Aerodrome and for all the creative things you are doing to make this game so much better and more interesting.
    Thanks to you all!


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    A timely reminder!
    Thank you Andrea - I personally hadn't even thought to put a rating on BGG!
    That shall be rectified, naturally

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    Thanks a lot! Every single page (box, airplane pack, accessaory) can be rated. If you want to limit the effort, just concentrate on the main boxes you own or know well. Thanks again!

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    I've never been on there at all - would the rest of you 'Dromers recommend?

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    Not inciting Dromers to drop this forum for BGG, at all. Here is where the Wings of War/Glory players have their nest. But just suggesting to show there the things that could most appeal the boardgames fans, to show them at least the tip of the iceberg of what we are doing there. The rest of the iceberg is firmly here.

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    Thank you for the reminder, Andrea.

    9 out of 10.

    Some details made a 10 impossible.
    Voilà le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Helmut View Post
    ... would the rest of you 'Dromers recommend?
    BGG is interesting if you have the time, Tim.

    Always a good source to get news, pictures & infos.

    Is supported them each year until I get the gold membership here.
    Voilà le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    Been on BGG for 5 years, I will go and rate the Wings and Sails products, done some but will try and get more completed

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    Is it a way how to inform there about Prague Con that are starting tommorow?

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    I try to support Wings of Glory over at BGG. Occasionally I've even mentioned it while in a thread for a different game. Hehe. No I was not trying to be mean. I was talking with someone about the game I was playing had gotten too complex and my dislike for buying expansions to get upgrade cards. They asked what I would play and I said 'well that game gotten me to try Wings of Glory'.

    I'm not good at rating any of my collection and I'm horrible at taking pictures. But it is a good reminder Andrea so thanks. I'm sure it does help. We do appreciate your support too Andrea. Thank you,

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    I am on BGG for wargames and other table-top games. I seldom think about BGG regarding WoG or SoG. Whenever I interact with someone on BGG, I point them to the 'Drome and Anchorage.

    I'll make it a point to do some posting this week on BGG.
    “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ― Plato

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    I have seen BGG but not there very often so I have to check it out. Thanks for the reminder.

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    Thank you for reminding us about Board game Geek, Andrea. I had not thought about rating the game there but I have given the BoB Starter Set a rating now.

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    a big window to show that Wings of Glory is alive and healthy
    Ares advertising the game would help as well

    Seriously though, if i wasn't for this forum (and the Anchorage fro "sails") these games would have practically no web presence at all. I don't recall seeing much, if anything at all about the BoB releases in the wargaming press

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    Good suggestion. I have seen Ares advertising Wings and Sails several times on BGG anyway, at the time of main releases.

    There are several dedicated sites online, as the French Cirque Volant, that are pretty active. But the main one is by far The Aerodrome.

    Thanks to everybody for all your help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan-Sam View Post
    Is it a way how to inform there about Prague Con that are starting tommorow?
    I think that you can post in the Forum of the main pages (WW1 and WW2 Rules Pack, Duel Packs, maybe even Wings of War miniatures...). There is a "News" category too:

    For general interest news (the Pragiue Con is one), do not forget to post a message here:

    Not so active, but still 3400+ members.

    By the way, thanks a lot Dan for all the great photos! If you want, you can edit the captions (edit option on top of page) to look like this one:
    So, besides the title, you can also give credits to places and events where photos have been taken.

    One last note. Besides posting photos on the most relevant page, you can also link them (link option on upper left) to the secondary items that are in the picture. The same foto can be posted on the WW1 Rules Pack and then linked to the Airplane Packs if there are miniatures, Special Packs in there are bombers, game mats if their presence in the picture is relevant, and so on. I did it for all the photos that appeared lately, but you can do that yourself when you upload them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Manley View Post
    I don't recall seeing much, if anything at all about the BoB releases in the wargaming press
    Thanks a lot for the commenbt, I do not know. I have been asked a presentation for a game industry magazine and I saw one of Arnaudo's well known Videotube review - not much, but I am not into wargaming press. I am sure that if you want to suggest Roberto some magazine and reference persons, he will be glad to send sample copies to them.

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    Good thought. I've now rated the WGF rules and accessories.

    The issue of wider dissemination is an interesting one. There is a presence at shows but I suppose there is nothing to stop writing an article for one of the magazines and providing photos of a game in progress.


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    All very good points, Andrea-FWIW, I don't actually have a BGG account, much as I consult it (mostly for rules clarifications, game ratings & the like). I tend to do my promotion of the game at local gaming clubs, events, conventions, etc.

    But Board Game Geek is worldwide; and like me, many, many of the people there are consulting for game ratings; so it makes a lot of sense to post your experiences in your profile (assuming you actually have one).

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    I usually check Board Game Geek'so rating before I invest in a new game.

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    I've rated the WGF Rules and Accessories Pack (10/10), the WGF Duel Pack (10/10), and the WGS Battle of Britain Starter Set (9/10) on BoardGameGeek along with some short thoughts on each of them.

    In terms of improving the game's visibility I would endorse what others have already said. In addition to the presence at shows and online WoG really needs to improve its visibility in the trade press/magazines. Either invite the magazines to view the game at events or (probably better still) effectively write the copy for them and then give it to them for editing and formatting. Making a few more players guides and tactical tips for dissemination on YouTube probably wouldn't hurt either.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Helmut View Post
    I've never been on there at all - would the rest of you 'Dromers recommend?
    Not for this game, not enough presence.

    Overall a pretty good site though depending on what you're looking for.

    I don't interact on their forums too much anymore so not sure if it's still the case, but I found BGG -and the moderators especially- to have a massive bias toward eurogames or evolutions thereof, and a particular dislike of wargames (there was a lot of drama over this a couple of years ago -they ended up nuking the entire wargame forum section from the site).

    It's a good place to find out what's currently trending among boardgames anyway. You can usually find information on some very rare or obscure things, too. It's also a tremendous resource if you're into board game design. Lots of very knowledgeable people in the design forums.

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    I've had a look at the BGG site today - it looks EXTREMELY complex, with a huge number of areas of coverage.

    I think it would take too much of my limited free time to become familiar enough with it to have a meaningful experience on there. I couldn't find a quick way through all the options, so I think I'll opt out.

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    They recently changed the layout and the new one is atrocious. Much harder to navigate. No idea what drove the change.

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    Good reminder, Andrea.
    Thanks to BGG i found the Wings of glory at the begginig (more than ten years ago).
    I'll check what I didn't rate yet from the wings family. And I'll post there the mission collections from past Prague Cons.

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    Thanks a lot! I posted myself a few photos from the two past editions, quoting Prague Con and the place where it was held in the caption, and they have been pretty popular.

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    Why I hate BGG:

    How do I rate the dang thing? Here? No? Here? No? Here? No....

    ....several minutes No. Here? Oh, why the heck here?

    Counting...just gave it the 29th rating. One more to go!

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    I do not like that site. It is too complicated for me but I think I just rated the game

    Instructions for dummies:-

    Every registered user can rate any game in the BGG database. To do this, find the game and go to that game's Main Page; this is most easily done using the Search option near the top of every page. In the topmost section is a series of stars labeled "My Rating", which you can click on to set your rating on a scale from 1 to 10 (once set, you can click on edit to use decimals). Although these ratings are entirely subjective, here are the suggested guidelines:

    10 - Outstanding - will always enjoy playing.
    9 - Excellent - very much enjoy playing.
    8 - Very good - enjoy playing and would suggest it.
    7 - Good - usually willing to play.
    6 - Ok - will play if in the mood.
    5 - Mediocre - take it or leave it.
    4 - Not so good - but could play again.
    3 - Bad - likely won't play this again.
    2 - Very bad - won't play ever again.
    1 - Awful - defies game description.
    A further rating you can give to a game is the Game Play Weight. This is another personal opinion expressing how difficult the game is to play - either because it has long and/or complex rules, requires deep thought to play well or some other factor. "Weight" is not actually defined at BGG so different people have different ideas of what it means. The choices for Game Play Weight Are:

    Medium Light
    Medium Heavy
    The Game Play Weight is selected from a Drop Down List. Your Game Play Weight rating is automatically saved when you make a selection.

    All recorded Game Play Weights are then averaged to produce a single Game Play Weight that is shown in the "Statistics" section for each game as Avg. Game Weight.

    All recorded User Ratings are averaged to produce a single Average Rating shown in a game's "Statistics" section.

    If a user has and rates several copies of a game in their collection, then only their highest rating for the game is used.

    BGG does not allow people to give multiple ratings to a game through the use of separate accounts.

    The User Ratings are also used to determine the Rank of a game in the BGG database. Only games that have at least 30 User Ratings are eligible for Ranking and to the User Ratings are added a number of "dummy" ratings, which are then used to produce a new average Rating. (E.g. see this thread.) This is the rating that shows up in BGG searches and the number can, and does, vary from the Average Rating. In effect the "dummy" ratings move a game's average towards the norm of all games on the database - making games with few votes but very high ratings lower ranked than games with many more ratings but a lower Average Rating. (If you want to know more about this process, search on "Bayesian" within BGG.) Additionally, secret undocumented stuff is done to try to filter out obviously bogus "shill" or "hate" ratings. (There are many threads from people asking about or trying to figure out the details, but they are intentionally undocumented.)

    Note that the number of "dummy" ratings apparently depends on the total number of ratings. This explains the apparent "paradox" (often asked in the forums, e.g. here) of why game X is higher ranked than game Y overall, but game Y is higher ranked than game X in subdomain Z.

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    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!

    Well, ratings and charts are never perfect. I am more than glad that there are anti-cheating precautions - in the past it was enough to create four false users to rate "War of the Ring" 1 and drop it down from the BGG Top 10 to the 18th place:

    In any case the actual system is still not perfect. The system you describes so well means that a game divided in several pages is penalized in front of a game with a single one. I mean that if War of the Ring had a single page for both Nexus and Ares editions it would rank higher than the two single pages it has now for each of them (to which the "dummy" ratings are more penalizing). Well, no system is perfect.

    But ranking is relatively important. The main thing is having a presence - and a game with a ranking (low or high), nice pictures, comments is anyway more visible.

    I owe a lot to BGG. This game was printed and released in Italy in March 2004. Two months after, the first English edition appeared by FFG. It sold out in 13 days, so a second one was quickly reprinted. But FFG unserstimated the success again: the second print run sold out too even before reaching USA, just with pre-orders, so a third one was hastily made while the second was still on the boat. When I went to Gen Con in August 2004, there were no copies on sale since the first two runs were already finished and the third one was still on its way. I am sure that the BGG community spreading the new about this game was the main key of this success.

    And before The Aerodrome arrived, and before the WoW_Nexus Yahoo Group was founded by the fans, BGG was the main Wings of War community. Amazing things happened or were told there. A few examples regarding miniatures and miniaturization are here:
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    Thanks for the explanation, Gary. I never could wrap my head around the purpose of the dummy ratings but the ratings system is one reason why I haven't bothered to get a BGG account. OK, so they do it to try and weed out the bot from giving artificial high or low ratings. Still, the system can be manipulated, just not as wildly as an unweighted system. Eh, I'll continue to give it a miss. Just occasionally check the ratings & reviews occasionally, though.

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    Wow, and 8.1 rating? That is pretty high and, in my opinion, well deserved.

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    Posted a version of my 'drome AAR on BBG: Board Game - Wings of Glory InCON 2017
    "Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss" Douglas Adams
    "Wings of Glory won't skin your elbows and knees while practicing." OldGuy59

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    Thanks so much to all who are contributing!

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    I somehow managed to navigate & gave both BoB Starter & WoG WW1 Rap a 10 star rating.

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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