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    Last Sunday I finished the collection of the missions played at Prague Con 2016.
    Yes, it's a long time ago, but you know... when the Con was over, another projects were in the queue, then I forgot this project. And now, when I started with the collection book for the next Prague Con, I found it again.

    Now you can find almost all missions from last three years in the file section.
    2016 -
    2015 -
    2014 - WWI -
    2014 - WWII -


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    Thanks Kubajs, this is very nice of you to collect them for us all.

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    I was kindly informed by Brian about the mistake I made with 2016 collection.
    There was only title page instead of the full file.
    Now it is fixed.
    Enjoy the collection.

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    Thanks, Kubajs; a nice collection of games to run. Thanks for doing this for us
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