For each of the last 5 years, the Wings of Glory Aerodrome has brought an overseas member to the US to join us for a week of gaming at Origins Game Fair. For the last several years I have been dreaming of sending some of our North American based members to either the UK or Europe as part of the Lend-Lease program. Now that both the UK's Doncaster convention and the Prague Summer Con have solidified in to well established and smoothly ran yearly events, this dream has become a possibility. Starting this year the site will alternate between sending a member to Doncaster and Prague Summer con every other year with a member coming to the US in the years between those two location.

Selecting a member to become the very first North American Lend-Lease participant to attend Doncaster is not an easy task and I believe the North American Selection Committee did a wonderful job in choosing Jager (Karl) to receive this honor.

Karl has been a fundamental part of both the Origins convention and the Lend-Lease program since its beginning. Not only does he run multiple events at Origins every year, he is a steadfast wingman to all of the Lend-Lease participants that have come to the US. Here on the site, Karl has amassed an impressive 8,676 sorties since joining in 2009, making him the highest posting North American member. As a vital part of the Unofficial Stats Committee, he has given a lot of time and effort to expanding the enjoyment of the game for all of us. And as you can tell from his vast display of medals, he has always joined in on any of the site's causes.

So it is my great honor to welcome Jager into the ranks of the Lend-Lease Participants!