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Thread: Chronological 'Order of Appearance'.

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    Default Chronological 'Order of Appearance'.

    Firstly, Gentlemen (and Ladies), I MUST emphasize again how impressed I am with this site; especially the knowledge of the individuals gathered here. It seems that every question my sons and I pose is met by an incredible amount of extremely knowledgeable replies. Additionally, we've been blow away by the speed of your responses.....and the fact that they come from EVERYWHERE around the globe! Fantastic!

    Which leads me to ask before undertaking any project; the likelihood being that someone somewhere has already done it....and better than I could have dreamed of.

    I was drawn to WoW because it has such a fast and simplistic structure, yet provides great fun for players of many ages. In addition, I knew that, not only would it get the kids off the computer and into some face-to-face "bonding time", it would also provide a platform for awakening an interest in history....while giving them an appreciation for the accomplishments of these brave mean of the Great War and the machines they flew. And it HAS done ALL of those things.

    I have played many board games, some even being used as tools at military schools that I've attended. I fondly remember one (Avalon Hill's 'Richthofen's War') which many of us cadets derived a great deal of free-time enjoyment from. In fact, I still have a copy of the game in my collection.

    Alas, I digress. My question: Has anyone researched or put together a 'Chronological Order of Apperance' chart or graph for the cards and/or miniatures in WoW? Such a chart (though incomplete for our purposes) appears on page 25 of the 'Mission Briefing Manual' for 'RW'. With the years 1914-1918 divided into quarters in the top (heading) column and the side (top to bottom) column listing all WWI aircraft available in that game, it provides a quick and easy reference for those who wish to remain historically accurate and fly planes in their proper appearance during the war.

    "tonyc206" provided a 'Plane Data Table' in this forum which is a great help...and only lacks a 'Quarter/Year' column that would be another way of presenting such an 'Order of Appearance'....though I lean toward a flow chart style for this info (quicker to glance at and see if two planes can be historically pitted against one another).

    Any ideas anyone? Has it been done? Thanks again! Cheers! Walt

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    Just to be clear...the chart I had in mind would be a 'flow chart'...with a bar beside each flying machine (reading left to right). For example: the DH.2 would have a bar beginning at the start of the 3rd QTR of 1915 and ending at the end of the 2nd QTR of 1917. The bar for the SPAD XIII would pick up at the start of the 4th QTR/1917 and continue off the graph (as it served through the end of the Great War) The Albatros C.III would graph from the beginning of the 4th QTR/1915 to the end of the 3rd QTR/1917. Finally, the Fokker D.VII bar would begin the 1st QTR of 1918 and flow off the chart with the 4th QTR of 1918. Etc...etc.

    Now, having thrown those dates and time frames out there....I know it is very difficult to pin some of this info down. A recent discussion I had with FO Kyte and Dom in another thread (regarding numbers of aircraft flown during the war) proved to me that figures from this period (such as all-inclusive dates of appearance and usage) can be elusive. Still, I think even a rough "Order of Appearance" Chart could be fun and useful for the "historically accurate" lot of us!

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    There is something like that in the files section here:

    It's in an excel file, but you can get a free word processor program that can read it at

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuladin View Post
    There is something like that in the files section here:

    It's in an excel file, but you can get a free word processor program that can read it at
    Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks Larry!!

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