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Thread: Salute 2017 is a go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conall View Post
    See you there! Also I'm bringing a friend & his seven year-old son, both of whom are fanatical X-Wing fans, so we'll probably swing by your demo table.

    Sure thing! Ill be repping Dark Sphere, itll be this epic table depicting the battle of Scarif, you cant miss it! =D

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    I look forward to seeing the games at Salute and saying hi.


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    Sadly I have to scrub the Salute mission something (expensive) has cropped up and I need to be home on Saturday. Have a good 'un though, splash a few over the trenches and I'll catch up with those going to Bovi.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Sorry to hear that Dave, hope all turns out ok for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brambo View Post
    Sorry to hear that Dave, hope all turns out ok for you.
    Ditto. You'll be missed (instead of being your usual bullet magnet self! )

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    See you guys there early Saturday. John I will call you when I arrive on site. Safe journeys.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Helmut View Post
    Ditto. You'll be missed (instead of being your usual bullet magnet self! )
    Thanks chaps, I was going to run out my new German Spad VII along with my usual suspect, you'll have to wait for Bovi to test the magnet now !

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Packing now - hope to be there stupidly early.

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    Don't forget your ships.....
    Run for your life - there are stupid people everywhere!

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    Well we had a damn good time, met some old friends and some new; a couple of French guys stayed and played pretty much all day!
    Father and son, I'm afraid I didn't get names, but they had a ball, and the son shot down several Hurries in the afternoon including me!!

    WGF: Bloody April lived up to its name, Mikeemagnus and I flew a variety of Be2s and Fe2s to destruction, with increasing levels of fighter cover including from the descendant of a genuine WWI ace (Tom aka Conall) and the Aéronautique Militaire towards the end of the game.

    WGS: Tim ran a limited bombing run of 4 He111s with a 110 for heavy cover, 3 guys flew 109s, mikeemagnus, Brambo and the French lad.
    His father took a Spitfire, then a second, then a third, I ended up with three consecutive Hurricanes. John joined me in flying multiple Hurricanes to destruction, Nick and his friend joined in with more Spitfires.
    Eventually we managed to kill a Heinkel, John and Trev went for mutual destruction early on.
    Final score; we got a 111 and a 109, they got at least 6 of us, I lost count.
    Tim took a lot of pictures during the day, so a full AAR should be forthcoming when he finally manages to find time to put one together.
    Finally: Tim provided most of the kit required to run both games, mastered the first game, and assisted in running the second.
    Thank you Tim, please consider this 'Mentioned in Dispatches'.
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    Lest we forget

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    Great time had by all.

    This was a genuine team effort, in the best Tradition of the UK Wing. Without John Biggles providing his 'Bloody April' planes we would not have been able to stage our 'Drome homage to the pilots who laid so much on the line 100 years ago.

    Trev ran an "Underground railroad" from our table to the only 'Wings' vendor on site, who soon sold out of "Battle of Britain" starter sets!

    New players and old hands set-to with gusto, and the high kill count bears witness to their skill and persistence!

    If I recall correctly, "Bloody April" finished 7 : 2 in favour of the Luftkreitskrafte; "Battle of Britain" ended with 8 RAF fighters destroyed, for the loss of 1 He111 and one Bf109

    Photos will follow in due course.

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    Great day, good to meet up with those I met at Partizan last autumn and some new faces. Thanks to Tim and John for supplying the airborne armada, to much comment from a vast array of punters. Two great games, preferred Bloody April myself but then I was flying as Manfred von Richthofen and got two kills, despite getting wounded early on and catching fire.

    The young French ace got one of the hurricanes I had shot down as well.

    The dealer with the Wings stock (and "cough" Sails) was Marquee Models from Harlow in Essex. Stock doesn't show on their site currently but they had WGF inc HP O/400s and Duel sets. Also had WGS but not the latest BoB stuff. Also some Sails including starter sets.
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    Fantastic day - thanks to all concerned. Blown away by the models provided by Tim and the modelling skill of John (got to try and repeat the standing observers in the FE2bs). Makes my collection look very modest; at least, that's what I told Marjon Really enjoyed flying the BE2cs even though Tim et al ambushed both just prior to the recon target and blew them out of the sky. Made me remember what an incredibly difficult task the RFC faced during "Bloody April"! Hats off to those guys and their opponents
    The public that took part were marvellous and sorry, neither can I remember the names of the French father and son, (really struggled with my French ) but I know they left as a couple of very happy bunnies. As did John and his son from Cardiff, who took part in the WW2 scenario. Finally, a big thank you to all from my son John too. The tickets for the show were his birthday present to me and he and I shared a great day.

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